Why The Keto Diet Will Change Your Life | Mark Sisson on Health Theory

Mark Sisson is a former endurance athlete turned nutrition author and entrepreneur. In 2006, he began his popular health blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, where he’s blogged every day for 12+ years. Mark is the founder of Primal Kitchen Foods and best-selling author of several books including The Primal Blueprint and his most recent hit, The Keto Reset Diet.

Health Theory is a bi-weekly interview show, hosted by Quest Nutrition co-founder, Tom Bilyeu. Each episode offers tactical steps one can take to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals.

What does primal really mean? [02:19]
The importance of dietary fat [05:20]
The context of calories [08:08]
What is metabolic flexibility [09:42]
Endurance training using old technology [12:18]
Ketogenics and endurance training [16:44]
Does keto allow you to eat less? [19:35]
Reframing how you think about sacrifice [23:34]
The Keto Reset Diet [29:50]
Finding your food limits [34:35]
How eliminating grains cured Mark’s IBS [38:46]
Why keto may improve your microbiome [43:37]
Living awesome [47:25]

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  1. Hola llevo 5 días en esta dieta, sin nada de endulzantes ni harinas de ningún tipo, contando mis macros para no pasarme, descargue una aplicación en play store llamada justamente macros y es gratis. Y hasta el momento he perdido 3kilos 900 gramos.

  2. I suffered with IBS for 20 years until I found keto. I went to specialist after specialist and they toted eating more fiber through complex carbohydrates and veggies. It made me sicker and sicker only for them to blame me. My liver enzymes were elevated and my family doctor told me I had fatty liver despite imaging saying otherwise. Keto helped me drop 97 pounds and my doctor was stumped when the liver enzymes remained high. I was sent back to the specialists and eventually diagnosed with primary biliary cholangitis which is an autoimmune disorder. Had I not lost the weight the doctors would have been content to continuing to blame me. Now that my PBC is medicated I have no pain. No more antacid medication that never helped anyway. Feeling my very best!

  3. Yeah the fat does cause the arteries to clog if we have it with the carbs… that's the part they'd left out… if we eat it with the carbs !!we got to eat meat and cheese and fat without the carbs and we'll be okay! Carbs cause INSULIN RESISTANCE! 🥺😠 Insulin stops fat burning 🥵 wowwwwwww that should be in every school 🏫

  4. Hi Mark and Tom, Aarron here from Helensville, New Zealand where's it's 5:00 pm, with your help I've identified what Dr Eric Berg describes as a concept worthy of a Nobel Prise. I'm sure how or why I stumbled on it and it's a concept so simple that all your viewers will want to tune at around in 7 hours time – midnight local time.

  5. Hi I have been carnivore about 80% but also managing Hpylori…One
    protocol I have come across suggests reducing protein due to degradation
    from meat-producing ammonia and, consequently, ammonium, which may
    contribute towards neutralising gastric acid. This of course is required
    to kill off any nasties such as H pylori. I would like any support
    comments, please?

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