Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

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Dr. Jessica Ham at Oxford College of Emory University:

Dr. Tim Crowe of Thinking Nutrition:

Study showing humans heating grains about 100,000 years ago (not free):

Sample ketogenic diet for children:


  1. Hey y'all, thanks for watching the vid! A few supplemental thoughts…

    I will absolutely cop to going with an oversimplified and provocative title here. Sometimes it's easy to sum up a 13-minute piece of content in a few words that people will actually want to click on, and sometimes it's not. You usually either need to sacrifice nuance or clickability, and anyone who makes content for a living constantly struggles with the reality that you can't inform anyone if you don't get their attention, and you can't express your entire piece in a headline (because if you could, there'd be no reason to keep writing beyond the headline).

    But, if you've watched the video, I think you'll understand that the basic message is this: If you're a typical over-fed First Worlder (like me), any diet that gets you out of caloric surplus and replaces junk foods with nutrient-dense ones is probably gonna be great for you.

    The sense in which I'm calling keto "stupid" here is very narrow — many (most?) people who think they're doing keto aren't actually eating few enough carbs to be in ketosis, and there is not (yet) scientific literature proving that keto has therapeutic benefits for metabolic syndrome beyond those conferred generally by losing weight and eating less junk.

    The sense in which I'm calling the raw diet "stupid" is narrow — many of its proponents call it a more "natural" diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion, they often fail to consider reductions in bioavailability of nutrients from raw foods, and they often fail to consider the safety implications of eating raw.

    The sense in which I'm calling paleo diets "stupid" is similarly narrow — many of its proponents call it a more "natural" diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion.

    I think the science and history behind all of that stuff is interesting, and I thought you would too, so I made a vid about it. That's all!

  2. Lost so much respect for this guy. This subject is so far out of his wheelhouse. ‘I’ve talked to a hundred nutrition experts and they all say the same thing’ that statement is such a crock of sh$&

  3. Quick note, cooking, like they said, started around 1 million to 250 thousand years ago, long before farming. Cooking clearly had an evolutionary effect on our biology. In contrast to her conclusion, cooking is less likely to have had a social effect any different from hunting itself. Farming and agriculture, likely played a larger role in our social societies than cooking. Cooking didn't improve or lessen our need to hunt; farming did. So we didn't have extra time to create civilization. Farming is a relatively modern conception being only about 20 000 years old, and almost directly connected to the beginning of civilization. So, I'm not sure how she concluded that cooking playing a social part is more likely than cooking changing our physiology. If that were the case, we would have created civilizations a hundred thousand years ago, but we didn't.

  4. How can you follow the science on your humans cooking and us possibly becoming who we were because of that .but you can't follow the science on the low carb diet. Seriously. Do you not see how since the 70s with the rise of seed oils and the dietary guidelines , where it includes 6-11 servings of grains, how the rise of heart disease and such increased and never went down. Please go do some research… some real research… With an open mind. From a woman who has grown up in a Hispanic home kitchen, later Vegetarian/Vegan diet, (9 yrs) SAD diet, Low Calories restriction, low fat , which were alllllll BS. And finally LCHF where I have been thriving. I challenge you to try the LCHF diet for a month. And so your research , watch Low Carb Down Under, Jason Fung, Dr.Paul Mason, Gary Taubes… That is if you don't mind giving up the Oreos.

  5. My most recent diet plan was bred out of financial neccessity lol. My partner and I used to either eat out or order in almost every single day, sometimes for every meal! But now that I'm not working, I just buy groceries and cook. Haven't noticed much of a reduction in my waistline yet, but I can definitely say that I feel better, and sleep better, and get more done throughout the day as well! Household chores I used to spread throughout my week when I first stopped working I can now get done in a single morning! My mood's more stable throughout the day too now; my partner and I definitely get along better! I've also found that cooking is actually pretty fun! I used to absolutely hate it, but now that I'm getting kinda good at it I'm having all kinds of fun just finding new ways to cook and combine ingredients to get totally different meals!

  6. I have lost 50 pounds on KETO, bit yeah I can agree that Keto is not a diet that u should do for more than 4 to 5 months at once. However it more than makes up for this becase the results are very fast and noticeable.

  7. I don't quite agree with your argument against keto. you are not arguing against keto itself, but saying that keto is not really followed. This is probably not true these days, there is keto test kits for 6$ on amazon, people practicing it can easily see if they are reaching the required ketosis state. the basic premise of keto is sound, in that you need the ketones to kill off the stored long term fat, and with normal carb intake, this process is never triggered.

  8. I thought that point of the raw diet was that raw foods took more calories to digest and you extract less calories from the food. Also, it gets people to eat more veggies.
    For people who have a hard time controlling the quantity of food they consume, this seems like a good idea. Not sure why you are saying "please don't do it."

  9. I just started keto and it lasted three days. I felt extremely tired and nauseous all day and had a headache. When I quit sugar before I had the headache and nausea but not tired. I regularly get barely any sleep because i have two jobs and three kids. After getting only 2 and a half hours sleep one day i gave in and ate carbs. I instantly felt normal again. Decided I'm not doing keto. Just eat healthier. Cutting out refined sugar is good and also not eating bread and pasta but a little rice or a potato wont hurt

  10. And naturally the midroll ad was for some keto recipe cookbook. I love how contextless the algorithms still are. Somebody is literally giving you a money for telling why their livelihood doesn't deserve as much supporting as it currently does.

  11. My grandfather was a doctor and surgeon and he strictly followed something like a keto diet for one simple reason. It allowed him not take diabetes medication. That being said I’m not sure I would go that route. The lengths he would go to were kind of insane. He didn’t have to go into ketosis, just control his blood sugar so it wasn’t 0 sugar. For a couple examples, when I ate watermelon he would eat the last little bit close to the rind, and he spent hours taking the skin off of peanuts so that he could make a kind of cake type thing that was super high in fat protein and fiber, and eat the peanuts themselves slowly as to not get blood sugar spikes.

  12. I did raw vegan for about a year and a half. I bought into the ideologies. I have long since gave it up, because while admitting it was in theory the ideal diet, in practice it was far too difficult to maintain in society. However watching this video gives me some reason of why raw may not actually be the ideal diet.

  13. Paleo is dumb because it bans grains and legumes. Don't look at all the people with grain or legume intolerance. They aren't real. Don't get me started on people with a dairy intolerance; they are not a thing, and if they were, they would be stupid.

  14. The end of the use of the Keto Diet is not epilepsy contrary to what your source says. There is documented medical evidence that the Keto diet slows degenerative brain disease, and reverses insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics. However, I understand your sentiment about how widespread the use of this diet is.

  15. Babies are in ketosis in the womb and even though breast milk contains a tiny amount of carbs they will remain in ketosis until they are fed their first carbs. They will return to the ketogenic state very quickly though and children unless fed lots of carbs frequently will also remain in a mostly ketogenic state for years. If we prize animal foods and mostly consume protein and fat we will also spend much of our lives in ketosis. There is very good evidence that shows the heart and brain work 28 percent more efficiently on ketones compared to glucose. The science is in no way settled in this area.

  16. You also forgot that Keto is an amazing treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. And their is evidence to show that the romans may have done similar things to treat people with "the sweat pee."
    Note that it is possible that it is dangerous to do so if you have Type 1.

  17. this is an extremely ignorant video 🙂 learning the science is the best way for each of us. fasting is medicine. autophagy is good. not everyday forever, but occasionally, when your body has too much fat on it. ketosis is just an easy-mode version of fasting. ketosis is more oxygen efficient than glucosis, and you could use a few fasts yourself.

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