What I Really Eat in a Day on Lazy Keto (You'll be SHOCKED!) June 2019

What I Really Eat in a Day on Lazy Keto (You'll be SHOCKED!) June 2019

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Not even going to lie, I eat a lot. Up until recently I didn’t snack, I would have my 3 meals a day. Lately i’ve been under a lot of stress with Quincy being sick and i’ve slid back into old habits. On a positive note, Im watching my carbs and not eating foods that are horrible. Im choosing keto friendly options and still dropping weight😁 As soon as Quincy is 100% I plan on counting carbs and sticking to a better eating schedule.

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  1. Dinner looks good. I would throw in some avocados too 🙂 I'm personally not fond of bars but I have yet to try those keto bars since you're so into it. HAha, Where did you get them.. Does Trader Joe's have that… That's pretty much the only grocery store I go to

  2. Due to your wonderful coaching, delicious recipe ideas and sharing all your fantastic tips and tricks, I’m finally back in Ketosis as of tonight! WOOHOO! 🎉🔥👍‼️🌹. Really struggled until I found your YouTube channel! Thank you so much for all you do for the Keto community! 👍♥️

  3. Do you have any idea how many calories you’re eating, and what your TDEE is? Because I see lots of videos showing what they eat but it all depends on those two factors. I can’t work out how it compares to my own day. Thank you for sharing, keep up the great fat loss!

  4. You look great! I tried your ice cream recipe with my Cuisinart ice cream maker as well. But my ice cream maker stopped The process because it froze on the sides. The rest was liquid in the center. It had a great taste but It didn’t come out so great. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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