Todays video is all about nutrition and the foods I eat on the ketogenic diet to lose weight. I’ve been on the Keto diet for 11 months and i’ve lost over 25 pounds. About a month ago, I started with a nutrition coach and now I weight all of my food and track my macro on the My Fitness Pal App. Since Ive started with WAG (Working against Gravity) Ive lost 3 pounds and Leaned out so much. Keto has changed my life for the better and I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

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Keto. app Diet App (used this when I first started keto) this app helps you calculate your macros. I found it useful when I first started.
My Fitness Pal (This is the App I use now)

Working Against Gravity (Nutrition Coaching)

Foods Mentioned:
Primal Kitchen vegan sugar free ranch
Ancient Organics Grass Fed Ghee
Green Valley Lactose Free Cream Cheese
Pure Premium MCT OIL
Perfect Keto Salted Carmel Collagen
Plant Fusion Protein (cookies and Cream) – Sugar Free

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  1. not to mention that in 2020 everyone should know that eating animals is not good for the black body at all long term. it is acidic and is constantly decaying even when it goes into your organs. besides, its dead bodies yall. why not just go and eat someones child? i mean its the same thing when u eat an animal or its child. animals have feelings and for those mothers out there imagine that u just carried and had an infant and u are feeding it your milk then someone knocks on your door and takes ur child away and kills it and sell it for food. how would u feel? well think about that the next time that u eat a dead animals flesh.

  2. im all for weight loss, however im really concerned regarding how the Keto diet affects the black body long term. i mean all that fat cant be good for the heart and arteries. what studies show a healthy vibrant person at 90 that did keto for 40+ years?

  3. I am doing my research now on keto. I’m really excited about starting this new journey but I’ll have to modify mine a bite since I am currently still breastfeeding. Any suggestions in the veggie department I have never been a big fan 🤦🏾‍♀️ But with this diet I don’t have a choice.

  4. I just have to say – this diet basically puts you in starvation mode, our bodies need whole food carbs to fuel us. This looks like a whole bunch of processed fats and dairy! But good for you if it works. We’ll see what the long term results will be (heart problems etc.)

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