What Happens If You Ride Your Bike 100 Miles On A Ketogenic Diet? | GCN's Keto Experiment Part 2

What Happens If You Ride Your Bike 100 Miles On A Ketogenic Diet? | GCN's Keto Experiment Part 2

The ketogenic diet is controversial and extremely challenging on the body, road cycling is hard at the best of times, let alone when your body is devoid of carbohydrate as a source of fuel. To that end, Jeremy has tried riding 100 miles in complete ketosis to find out just how challenging this dietary method is to follow.

Check out Jeremy’s ride on Komoot:

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  1. I been doing Keto with intermitted fasting 6 weeks and I recently did a ride 43 miles. I tested the no pre-ride meal option, did the ride in a fasted state and felt great, didn't feel hungry or depleted or like I was going to bonk. I'm sure there is a point where you would want to consume some fat calories but for the ride I did I felt good.

  2. Nice vid man! And well, On keto, i never ride any longer then 4 – 5h when on Keto and consume some Macadamia's. When riding at high HR, 20g of glucosis per hour are consumed (Targeted Keto Diet, would be nice to see a video on that one as well… 😉 )
    By the way… that way of riding under a low hanging tree is a total mind blowing insight! Nice skill over there, going to try this here with the mtb as well.

  3. I've ridden my local 23 mile route on an empty stomach / before breakfast. The hungry feeling goes away after 10 miles. I figure my system starts pulling energy out of the reserves. PS. I don't ride hard.

  4. Next time take your glucose readings too. Being in ketosis is not enough. You have to be fat adapted, which can take six weeks of being in ketosis. Once fat adapted you can do that ride without eating at all. You are not pulling energy from the food you eat on the ride – you cannot convert fat in your stomach to working ketone fuel that fast. I was pre-diabetic despite being a marathon runner cyclist and triathlete for years. Switched to carnivore two years ago and no longer diabetic. Ketones with blood meter average 3.5. I do daily 30 to 50 mile rides and hit the gym before eating my first and only meal. My blood glucose rises during workouts and ketones decline.

  5. What about carbs in ENERVIT sports drink: ENERVIT SPORT ISOTONIC DRINK is an instant-drink granulate for preparing a carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions to use in the event of abundant sweating resulting from an intense muscular and athletic activity.
    4 sources carb mix: sucrose, dextrose, fructose and mix of maldodextrins with different grade of polymerization

    without sweeteners
    , with vitamin D

  6. Jeremy – Thanks for sharing your personal Keto experiment over 3 episodes. I've watched this one 2x and I still don't know exactly what You ate during the long ride. You mentioned Cashews & that You had 2x Keto Sandwiches (PB & Bacon). Did You eat all of that? anything else? Did You calculate the total intake? Thanks in Advance

  7. I dont understand. You could have fuelled with carbs or "normal" and not bonked too. In the last video your improvements were almost exclusively due to weight loss. What is the upside to Jeremy specifically? Is it just weightloss?

  8. Hi,

    Just wondering what would happen if you took carbs i.e. gels/bars etc.. during your intense activity while in ketosis and how will it impact your performance vs not taking any carbs.

    Any insight would be great


  9. This is topical for me. I've been keto (but not particularly strict) for a few years, and just did 100 miles with a group on Saturday. Most of them are fitter than be, but I was keeping up well for about 80 miles. Then my output went down a good 20% and I kept falling off the back of the group. I partially recovered by having a carb gel packet. It was 94 °F by the end of the ride, and I think I was just getting nowhere near the electrolytes I needed (just a little in the jerky and pork rinds (cracklings) I was snacking on.)

  10. Just did this not long ago, and I'm FAR from competitive level. I gave up carbs long time ago for health and weight reasons, won't look back. If youre conditioned for long rides, and ride aerobic the whole time to rely mostly on fat calories, you'll do great!

  11. Awesome, and super-intriguing videos Jeremy! Thanks! Now I'm thinking about checking in with a dietician and giving this a whirl. I've already cut out (almost) all simple carbs; as a result, i've dropped weight and feel good. Wondering how training in ketosis would work for me, now that I've seen these. And don't worry: I'll definitely check in with medical staff and not go off half-cocked!

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