Vegan Ketogenic Diet | All Meals + Nutrient Breakdown | Jon Venus

Vegan Ketogenic Diet | All Meals + Nutrient Breakdown | Jon Venus

In this what i eat in a day video, I experiment doing a vegan ketogenic diet, aiming for low carb and high fat. Something popular nowadays for weight loss…
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  2. 10:39 Mark You will see that his macros do not reflect a keto diet. Unless you want to follow along another keto shopping and recipe explanation feel free. But the end result wasn’t keto and a lot of products promoted.

  3. you don't have to strip at all but you morons think that just because i got a healthy body then i should use like a toy to beg for views on youtube video when clearly a naked thumbnail only entertain pervert girls not guys

  4. Due to a health concern… I've learned I've gotta cut carbs from my diet… Never thought I'd be here. Assuming I'd find very limited resources looking up "vegan keto", gotta say, boy was I fucking happy to see your face lol. I apprecj the video!

  5. I been ok low carb for about almost 4 years and been on keto and one meal a day for 3 years i was 400 pounds and now i am in my 260s i feel great i eat grass fed meats organic eggs veggies and eggs and bacon lots of healthy organic whole foods frok animals and plants ❤☺i feel good i did keto asa vegan for like a year but i didn't do well but when i went back to eating high quality meats and stuff a couple years ago with keto i feel so much better. Now my immune system and arteries are doing better and i feel good. I wont be doing it for life but when im at home i do keto as a baseline but when i go out to eat or something ill enjoy some carbs not alot though. So what works for you and your body Most important everyone is different. Goal is 220 ill get there for sure .

  6. I don't think this guy has any idea what a Ketogenic diet or what basic nutrition is or what Pad Thai is. You don't put olives in Pad Thai. LOL.. Then on top of that he says he's just winging it. Probably one of the most unprofessional videos on Youtube concerning health and fitness and completely inaccurate concerning the ketogenic diet.

  7. Not sure why you think oil isn't healthy, different oils, different nutritional components. Cold pressed virgin olive oil is an amazing food. In blue zones like the islands in Greece, a high amount of calories in the diet come from olive oil, and they are amongst the healthiest people in the world.

  8. On day 3 of vegan keto, with limited oil, no nuts, and still training 3 or 4 days a week. So far so good and honestly i love sunbutter and i love veggies so I'm excited to see my results as time goes on.

  9. Wish I could try the Vegan Keto diet but unable to due to the high vitamin k content and being on warfarin medication I need to watch my vitamin k intake. Before going vegan and not being on warfarin medication I didnt really like my greens. Now that Iam vegan I like my greens but cannot have that much due to the warfarin medication:( So I tend to have alot of food with carbs, so alot of brown rice etc.

  10. Switch to braggs coconut aminos. Less sodium and coconut based vs soy. You already consume an abundance of soy with the tofu. Walnut oil and macadamia nut oil has a higher cooking point.

    Also my diet is Low carb, higher fat and moderate protein..not exactly keto but I do try to have a few keto days and other days I eat a little bit more carbs.

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