1. Great information. I had absolutely no idea about Pea Protein. I'm not a vegan, am a Type 1 Diabetic and was able to get on an insulin pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM). I just want to be healthier. I cut 35 lbs in 3 years (slow but steady) and looking to increasing my protein intake while not consuming too many carbs. This may be the ticket. Thank you for sharing. 👍💪

  2. The title made me think he would start bashing a plant based diet. The total opposite. I find this refreshing. I say this because most guys act like douches. Plant based here. I subscribed and today hit the notification bell.

  3. If you make raw cheese from raw milk, the natural by product is whey, It will look translucent similar in color to lime gatorade. So not all whey is chemically engineered. Your correct about Pea for protein, many organic farmers will use Pea in place of Soy in there feed for chickens. Only soy that is good for you is fermented, and only on occasional use.

  4. Ryan, I recently bumped into your channel. I learned a lot about bodyweight exercises and tension and you're freaking hilarious. Now I learn your vegan. Can I subscribe more than once?🤪 Seriously though, your videos are really informative and well made. Keep it up and thank you.

  5. You really got me with this video. I’ve been watching your videos for about a week now to get workout tips but this one topped all of them in terms of respect for you. I have been vegetarian for a long time now and am almost vegan. It is so cool that you are vegan and as big as you are, but even cooler that you are vegan for the reason that you shared in this video.

  6. If you could make a full breakdown of a healthy vegan keto diet and supplements I'd pay to see that. Really want to make a change. But until then ill keep watching your vids and doing my own research.

  7. Not sure if youll see this but you say to stay away from soy cause of the omega 6. Is unsweetened soymilk okay? I hear it has omega 6 and omega 3 and its supposed to be really good for your heart etc. But if not im down to just switch to pea milk cause ive had it before and its really good too.

  8. I had to watch this three times before I could hear what you were saying. Firstly, I was blinded and distracted by those fabulous muscles, second video, I was blown away by how fecking gorgeous you are and the third time of attempting to listen, I had to stop because I was sooooo distracted by you, I left the tap running and flooded the worktop! I’ll try again! 🤣😂🤣

  9. I haven’t subscribed yet, but the fact that you’re vegan has my full attention.

    What’ll get me to subscribe:

    1.) My partner is a hard gainer and is vegan – advice for those types

    2.) What everyone else is requesting: your daily meal plan!

    Keep it up, this is a great channel. Staying tuned!

  10. started a supreme diet and losing tone of weight. It called: The Ice Plate Diet. This diet is low on carbs, fat, protein, sugar, salt & oil. I’m incorporating also breathing and air in moderation. I found it very successful. You can combine portion control as well depend on the type of your body. I should write a book which I’m sure will be the super duper best ever seller.

  11. How long have you been vegan? I see alot of big guys who got that way from eating meat for years, then turn vegan and present themselves as having achieved their current results through a vegan diet. So I mean no disrespect but how long have you been vegan?

  12. I’ve been on egg whites and whey isolate, my closest call came earlier today.
    In the loft/attic doing some work and I farted, the world came to a stand still, a bead of sweat ran down my brow and I gently whispered.. “Please, God, no”
    I got down the ladder as fast as I could with my knees tight together and my bum clenched.
    I got to the toilet and to my delight my exhaust must have misfired, but when I let rip it was like the removal of the lid of the Arc de Covenant in Indiana Jones.
    Please tell me it gets better or what I’m doing wrong.
    One of these days it won’t be a close call, it will be in public.

  13. Thank for your Video. Have you thought about the balance of amino acids in you proteins? I am eating pee protein on a regual basis and want to try out low carb because i recognized my body thrives better on fats. Usually you would combine pea protein with other protein sources like bread/noodles/rice (or just rice protein supplements). Of course that would defeat the purpose of your diet but yourr way could be really unhealthy on long term. Have you considered taking hemp protein instead. I read articles about it, that you can call it a "super food" because of manny benefits and it should have an ideal balance of amino acids (if i rember correctly).

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