TOP 3 KETO MISTAKES that are ruining weight loss goals. Living a LOW CARB lifestyle-Thomas DeLauer

TOP 3 KETO MISTAKES that are ruining weight loss goals. Living a LOW CARB lifestyle-Thomas DeLauer

LEARN how to ADAPT to a keto lifestyle with the power of Cali’Flour foods. Re-work your habits and change your perspective on eating low-carb, gluten-free, and healthy meals. Thomas DeLauer has partnered with Cali’Flour foods to put together this HELPFUL and INSIGHTFUL keto video to help YOU make better decisions for your healthy lifestyle.

Find out (01) why your urine strips are measuring the wrong ketone, (02) how to better understand and trust your gut, and (03) elevate your hydration with special tips & tricks.

When you start a new diet, there’s a tendency to feel discouraged and make a number of mistakes along the way. With this in mind, you won’t be wrong to join us, Thomas DeLauer and Cali’Flour Foods, to explore the TOP 3 KETO MISTAKES that could be ruining your weight loss goals.

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  1. I started the keto diet a couple of weeks ago and i tough i was in ketosis but I'm not loosing weight, so I wanted to get a keto meter….. wellllll that's just impossible to find in Canada, I've tried online… nop doesn't deliver in Canada, I'm trying to find another solution then to ask my niece that is in California to send me one via mail, anyone knows where I can order one,
    Thanks a million

  2. Very inspiring. I have been stuck with quarantine and gained even more weights. Eating healthy and counting calories is a must. I was recommended a Vanguard Formulas supplement from a friend and it has been great! With proper diet and exercise, along with the supplement I have lost 25 lbs so far. I recommend giving it a try since it helped me=)))

  3. I have tried using a number of fat loss plans already but none of them offered me the outcomes just like I got with this , Yamzoko Weebly (sⓔarch Gⓞ ⓞgle to get it) process. Even I am not eating much as I used to be, I still do not feel jittery or perhaps sense a crash Since using the methods described in this plan, I shed 15 lbs currently.

  4. Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost a lot of weight? Just do a google search. On there you will find a great tips about how exactly you can lost a lot of fat. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  5. I used to easily be in ketosis all the time when I was standing at my old job for 8 hrs a day. I haven’t been able to get back in ketosis since quarantine. I was working a lot this past weekend, standing all day and I was in ketosis but it wore off when I went back to my sedentary schedule 😕

  6. The only meat I eat on keto is tuna, chicken and eggs. I rarely have steak and beef. I add in fats like avocado oil or olive oil to get my fats in. I’m afraid of beef and other red meats. I will eat them rarely like I said but the whole 7 weeks of me on keto/IF, I only been eating chicken, tuna and eggs for meats lol

  7. Started keto this past april 2020, as of last week was down 41 pounds, as of today, down 37 pounds. 😶. I gained 4 pounds in less than a week. After watching this video, I think not drinking enough water might be the culprit. Let's hope, because I'm pretty discouraged this morning.

  8. Cold fresh pineapple chunks in a hot day has never tasted so good as when I screw up trying to stay to keto diet. I am really not a big meateater. Perhaps If I tried a strict vegandiet I would get tired of soy and I could mess it up by surpricingly drooling over some chicken, oh Messing up fasting is easy nowadays, I simply call it intermittent fasting when I am too tired to get out of bed or to stay awake. But gee, folks, Try resist cold pineapple on a strict ketodiet. I managed for two weeks and now I had two slices. Michelin here I come, I better burn it off with swimming or something.

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