Top 10 Foods for the Ketogenic Diet

Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle can take some re-working of your habits and a new perspective on how you approach meals and snacks. But, no matter how you were eating before, most of the foods that are the pillars of a keto diet are things you’re already familiar with — we’re just helping you learn to use them in slightly different ways to promote ketosis in your body. Though there are hundreds of foods that fit into a keto diet, there are some that are the true rock stars of the bunch.

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  1. This is the opposite of what I have been learning over the past few years. There is definitely controversial over this as opposed to high carbohydrate diets. I have been told that dairy and meat are killers. I do understand that because this diet stays away from breads, pastas and sugar that the body will use the fat as fuel, but I can't help thinking of the Dr. who gave the TED talk about all the yellow as he called it, "chicken fat" that he saw in peoples veins and arteries as he assisted in operations.

  2. Been on keto for years. AND for practicality I find simpler to just eat fish/meat, eggs, thick cream, lard, Olive Oil, BUTTER, coconut oil/mct oil, some stock cubes, curry powder, chilli, hard cheese. I stopped peanuts, cashews as they help put on weight as you can eat them by the ton. Only vegetables I eat – tomato limited, broccoli, cauliflower. spring onion. Lots of salts.

  3. Super frustrated. 6 months and no loss. Bought a meter and found out that I am not in ketosis! I just don’t get how I can be eating only 15-20 carbs a day max and after six months, not only am I NOT in ketosis but I haven’t lost a pound. I’ve tried doing it at lower calories versus higher calories and it doesn’t seem to change anything. I have though cured my T2 diabetes and love this way of life. All the keto calculators tell me I should be eating roughly 1800 cal a day for my weight, height and age. I do follow the advice of several popular keto doctors and understand the whole calorie setpoint thing. But it just doesn’t seem to matter whether I eat lower calories or higher calories… I just go back-and-forth within a pound or two and always end up back at my starting point. I’m shocked. I actually gained back the 6 pounds in water weight that I lost the first week, so I’m back up to the weight I started at. Is that all fat now??? I’m even drinking 60 ounces of purified water a day, making sure to take my supplements and electrolytes. I’m lightly active …like walking the dog and housework. I know it’s not a lot, compared to other people, but I have a broken vertebrae in my lower back, so I have chronic pain that keeps me from getting more physical exercise than I would like. My Fitbit tells me that I walk anywhere between 1.5 – 3 miles a day. I generally get in anywhere from 2,000-4,500 steps a day depending on weather and how far I walk the dog. Although exercise should not be a huge factor, as I’ve seen hundreds of stories of people losing 50-75 pounds on this diet with very little exercise. But I guess I’m severely insulin resistant. Or could there be something else wrong with me. I have a fatty liver and I had my thyroid checked last year —and it was fine. so the liver issue is the only thing I’m aware of. And supposedly, keto is great for a fatty liver. Anyone have any thoughts? Have you heard stories like mine where people are literally measuring and weighing and documenting everything and being extremely strict and still not losing? I do have some Erythritol/Monk fruit sweetener in some of the recipes and fat bombs that I make but it’s not excessive. However, I have read that some people are super sensitive to even the keto sweeteners and it can keep insulin levels up. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve cut out almost all dairy and that hasn’t changed anything. Regardless, I’m not giving up. I’ve come too far!! I’m going to figure this out if it takes me another two years!!

  4. Just don't eat bread, any veggie that is white Beans and corn and Peas do not eat. . Rice, and pasta. Only eat fruit that ends in berries. You do this you will lose weight. Get a tread mill and walk an hour on it. Put it in front of a big screen TV with one of the movies you like to watch and you will be finish before you know it. You do not have to start out full speed ahead. start slow and work your way up to how ever fast you want to go. This will make your heart and lungs stronger and will burn some the calories you have ate.

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