1. Actually, the induction phase of Atkins is Keto….which has been around for decades before this new fad. Atkins IS Keto that leads you to weight loss and controlling the amount of carbs you can/should take in over time.

  2. My question is: Does it work for people with diabetes type 1 and a pump of insulin does low carb high fat work bc we kinda need carbs to infuse our insuline to control our blood sugar….so does this diet work for diabetes people too??^-^

  3. What happens if I need to follow keto but do not need to lose weight. Actually I’m underweight and need to gain some which is proving very very difficult. I do not do workouts but expend a lot of energy running my business. It’s definately not a desk job either. Kindly advise thanks

  4. If you're gonna do it, do it. If you need to lose body fat, keto is the best way to go. Lower your calories, take away carbs and drink more water than a fish. You'll feel and look great. Make a decision, practice discipline and dominate 🙌💪

  5. I’ve been doing your Keto intermittent fasting for health, fitness and to help fix my diabetes type 2. FYI I’ve noticed if I do my glucose test and I’ve cheated by eating late before bed my blood sugar test the next morning is perfectly in between the 4 to 6 range, but when I’m fasting it’s slightly over at 6.4 this I assume is because my body is eating it’s own fat right???

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