The Ketogenic Diet: 90-Day Keto Experiment

The Ketogenic Diet: 90-Day Keto Experiment

Adee and Michael Cazayoux have always strived to walk the talk, especially when it comes to their nutrition. In their latest effort to better understand our newest program (the WAG Keto Coaching Program) before it launched, the two followed the ketogenic diet for three months.

Watch this episode for the 90-day journey as these macro pros take it back to basics and learn the best approach through unexpected challenges, surprising positive side effects, travel, training, and balancing a full schedule while reaching ketosis.

Want even more details? Download our guide for Adee’s week by week experience, from her transformation to what she put on the dinner table as she followed a keto diet protocol for 90 days.

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  1. I had an addiction to Dunkin Donuts bottled coffees for years. 2+ per day, which I found added up to 560+ grams of sugar per week. πŸ‘€

    A month ago I wanted to go Keto and limit to 30 grams of carbs per day. I had weight loss surgery in 2008 at 408 pounds, got down to 289, and slowly got back up to 320-sh because I started doing what my surgeon warned me against: drinking my calories. Also a common issue with weight loss surgery folks is artificial sweetners are terrible. They were so nasty I could smell it as I drank it. I don't drink soda anymore (carbonation and smaller stomach) so for years, sweet tea and bottled Dunkin or Starbucks was my go-to.

    Until last month I tried Super Coffee, esp Mocha. It's the first iced coffee drink with 0 sugar I actually like. 1-3 grams of carbs, 0 sugar, 80-calories in 12 oz. MCT oil and Monk Fruit-,nothing artificial. I think the low carb/0 sugar/MCT oil made the difference. Not nearly as hungry and when I started limiting carbs to 30, no withdrawls or keto flu at all. The 200 grams of caffeine help as well.πŸ‘

    Ensure Max Protein is awesome as well. 1 gram of sugar, 25-28 grams protein.

    Last week I bought a meter from Keto Mojo that uses 2 different strips. It measures ketones and gkucose. It also auto calculates my GKI. Very handy.

    I just bought BHB pill supplements and will do some tests with my meter. πŸ€“

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  4. word of caution for athletes, while keto can have some benefits, there is going to be loss of muscles and energy necessary to withstand trainings and there are many side effects such as fatigue. For general population, it may work for a while, but being for long period without one of the macronutrient is not healthy. Balanced diet is usually best advice for general public. And red meat is linked to heart disease. Also low-carb and no carb diet has impact on memory and a brain.

  5. Hey I'm watching this video for the first time I see it's a year old I've been keto for about a year and all the things you're talkin about the laser focus the extra energy if that is something you really enjoy I did the state use 15 days fast I do believe it's like you said it only seems extreme until you get to the edge of doing it I will subscribe to your channel and see where this went but you made a point to say you didn't know if this would help while you were competitive weightlifting I've got a friend now remember I'm 50 who is doing the senior weightlifting and bodybuilding shows if he runs a straight carnivore diet and he is out performing people in their early twenties and he's several years older than I am I'm sure if you've been doing this year you figured out the calorie counting is not nearly as important when you're already in good shape Keto is a very enjoyable lifestyle I ended up with covid-19 and somehow that told me that I should start eating normally again big regret there just heard you say when you go to the restaurant restaurants where a big fear of mine but everybody sell something with no bread on it my turn to when I was really really jonesing was I go to Wendy's in order a triple with no bun and no ketchup other than that it's all keto friendly go to an ale house or something naked chicken wings steak not cheap but trust me we have the best options of them all

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  9. Good news! Gravity is still only a theory it's never been proven it is not a hard science law. Hard science laws example water freezes at 32 degrees and is demonstrable over and over again. Just like Keto! Keto is hard science that keeps your body Tip Top. I've lost 136 lb on keto and oh boy yes I do struggle science law also says you cannot fool yourself and cheat. It throws your body out of the fat burning and back into the sugar burning and was craving foggy headed life that I do not miss. Keto is like Stacy's Mom it's got it goin on!

  10. Nothing can stop KETO as a lifestyle change. Not a diet. Diet implies temporary. Healthy KETO and even OMAD for life. More fit at 60 than 30. Perfect blood work, energy, lean, and a slew of ailments from aching joints to headaches all gone. Sprinting 100m at 13.3. Seek out the BR BERG channel and KETO KAMP. If you have done all the phony mainline diets out there and failed, leave all that behind. Look at Marie Osmond. Had major surgeries to 'lose fat', pimps her fake diet regimen to suckers, and is now obese again. KETO on the other hand is just YOU plus great food. FATS have been demonized, they are essential. Sugars/carbs are death. Go for it and renew your health. 85% of health and weight loss is nutrition, not beating yourself up on a treadmill.
    If a discussion about nutrition does not mention Insulin Resistance and hormones in your body move on; it is everything.

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