The Keto Diet – Is There Evidence to Support Its Effectiveness?

The Doctors continue their discussion about the keto diet with documentary filmmaker Rob Tate, cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, and nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung and address whether there have been studies back the diet’s claims.

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  1. They are lying. We were not “low carb” “paleo” for millions of years. Prior to 1990 Coke had sugar then they replaced sugar with genetically modified high fructose corn syrup. In the low carb community they say eat “sugar free” jello or soda. Those have aspartame. Not to mention crap like Splenda and Nutrasweet. All of these are sweeter than sugar. More people are doing keto and the scientists and doctors support it. There’s only profit not results.

  2. A doc who appears on a talk show with stethoscope around his neck might be insecure about the authoritativeness of his opinions. Now that Dr Fung HAS published, can we get this cardiologist back to discuss Keto with him?

  3. All I can say is that I've done a ketogenic diet for 6 months and have completely reversed all insulin resistance, I was borderline Type 2. I've also lost 52 pounds, improved anxiety, improved mental focus, improved energy levels, quit smoking, removed all cravings for food or anything else.
    I also cook the most incredible meals filled with leafy greens and other low carb vegetables.
    I can't really imagine anything helping me more than this diet has.
    So they need to improve their studies, or include me in the next one. I'd like to know if they're checking blood ketone levels in these "trials".

  4. These doctors need to start listening to people like Dr. Fung, Sergey Filinov, and Cole Robinson. I was extremely fumed at how they treated Cole Robinson. he may not have a PhD but what he talks about has depth and weight and that comes from the people that have practiced and experienced the benefits of long term fasting. The numbers don't lie. Just because it's not what they learned in school does not mean it has no depth and weight. People are completely healing and I think that makes them feel threatened.

  5. I see this reoccurring theme that the ketogenic diet though it may improve markers and health overall, for some reason shortens one's life span… Would like to actually see some research done on the mortality rates of both vegans and people that do Keto

  6. Ok here goes my opinion…Lets all get real now……When we are in a Keto Diet, here are the facts: Yes, we loose weight, Yes we curve our hunger, Yes sugar is BAD, YES to many carbs are bad, HOWEVER I think there needs to be a balance, what is LIFE without enjoying Fruits, Grains and Desserts every once in a while? Life is boring without all this, lets get we can fake it and say O YES I LOVE KETO DIET…O YES I DONT MISS ANYTHING …Please…we are kidding ourselves. That is not to say we should just get carried away with everything….I believe Keto is awesome, but to live 100% through life with just a Keto diet I think it is just boring, we are missing out on what life has to offer….the pleasures of food. So I believe that Keto for a certain time frame is ok, For example…5 days on Keto and weekends we eat what we want….or a few months of Keto and then relax it a few months then go on it again…but those who say they do not miss the pleasures of food like Fruits , Desserts and the rest…..I have my doubts on that- Anyway, cheers to all and at the end of the day do best what you feel will work for you.

  7. The first time I heard of Dr Fung was when former UFC champion GSP mentioned him when he was on the Joe Rogan podcast.

    I wonder if Layne Norton is still calling Dr Fung a zealot and charlatan on social media

  8. People jump to conclusion of who is better based on personal anecdotes of either themselves or their families.

    But these are n=1 or n=2 or n=3. Both sides have success with certain people and both sides have industry funds to support their ideas in the food guidelines. Every major food group has industry funds not just one. I believe it's not a one size fits all.

  9. These doctors main arguments against Keto is that they have zero to limited trials to suggest it has the benefits being claimed. Well.. guess what, there's thousands of people who have trialed it on themselves and have determined it's working better for them then the standard "high carb" diet literally drafted by the grain lobby.

    Comon people. There's big $$$$$ to be made by pushing people to eat the excess grain we grown in this country, to eat 6 times a day so you can buy pre-packaged snacks between meals and to then spend hundreds of thousands on medication and hospital bills when you contract diabetes and other health complications.

    Most of the people I know on keto and myself practice some sort of intermittent fasting, and it's not because we push ourselves to fast, it's because you're just not hungry.. the body is tapping into your fat reserves to keep you going. There's far less $$$$$ to be made on people who eat 1-2 times a day and don't have the health complications as the others!

  10. Kudos to Dr Fung-I am 100 % with him-My sugars got better /Ketons Rock!
    Dr. Kahn what are the side effects of using drugs? I am not a Doctor , but I believe that we are what we eat-and let the Food be the Medicine. Pharmaceutical Industry shaken mode!!!!

  11. Dr Fung really understands the Human Body and it's Strengths and it's Weaknesses. I was Skeptical at first however when I tried THE FASTING it really worked and it worked Really Well. My Health is Much Better and I look Great. So guys, GIVE IT A TRY

  12. Dr.kah has basically no idea what he is talking about .. he is speaking non sense to the core .. I am a patient of ankylosing spondylitis and my family has a series of autoimmune condition , so i know something about diet. We should strictly go gluten and dairy free that should be the first step it almost 90% healed or you can say saved my family.Dr.Kah and Dr.Garth davis promoting wheat and other grains is bullshit which will eventually destroy you immune system. I have benefited highly from avoiding gluten and dairy my AS is completely in remission for 7 years my Mom and Dad they cured their Autoimmune condition. Let me say we eat white rice daily since it digests fasts also certain legumes by cooking them well but gluten and dairy is posion along with sugar. So my requests Dr.Fung is absolutely correct, you don't need to go Keto even thats little extreme but avoiding gluten and Dairy and Sugar is important no matter what Dr.Kah says because may be he did not had any health issues but i have experienced that.

  13. Been keto almost 2 yr now Iv lost weight fat and feel much better. I love this life style. I eat healthy natural non gmo organic veggies berrys meat eggs. Nothing boxed no grains just God given natural food.Went from size 22+ to size 8! Thank you dr fung and drs like you.

  14. Keto, allows good healthy saturated fats with benefits like preventing cancer, chronic illness, inflammation, and slowing the aging process. Keto is a short term weightloss for those who have troubles with eating too much sugar.

  15. Big Pharma and Big Food are extremely afraid of the Keto diet. For those of us on Keto, it's healing us, we are getting off all our meds, and we are not eating all those carb products. The bigger keto gets, the more money those greedy retards are losing. Expect to hear more and more bogus info about how keto is bad for us. However, it has not and will not matter as we are winning the fight through simple proof that everyone is seeing. You can "say" anything, but the proof is in actions and results, and keto gives that big time!

  16. So far my husband is off 140 units of insulin and half of his other meds in just 10 weeks on KETO! He ALSO just got his bloodwork back his A1C is going DOWN and his Cholesterol has also gone DOWN while his good cholesterol rose, we update our progress every Sat here on YouTube. Dr Fung's books are very helpful and inspiring as well, it's what finally got us going on Keto and we are very excited to see the future.

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