The Best and Worst Diet for PCOS | KETO, VEGAN, LOW CARB ?

The Best and Worst Diet for PCOS | KETO, VEGAN, LOW CARB ?

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  1. I tried keto on and off for about 4 years now. The first time, I was able to drop a lot of weight quickly. Every time that I get on it now, my weight is always stalling. I will admit that I had more dairy during keto and used butter and olive oil a lot, because I was being told that I wasn’t eating enough fats. But even when I did keto with veggies and proteins, and a lot of exercise, I still wasn’t losing weight. And plus when I get off of keto, I always gain triple the weight back like in a month and because of getting off Keto, I am 50lbs bigger than I was before keto. So I don’t think it’s for me. My nutritionist told me not to do keto, she says it’s bad for people with hormonal issues and plus it raised my cholesterol and made my insulin resistance worse. I might just stick to vegan/vegetarian foods and not exceeding 100g of carbs a day. Maybe eventually I’ll do vegan keto🤔.

  2. I love keto, I eat a lot of seafood and fresh greens, with intermitent fasting ( it really works for insulin resistance quite a lot) and now that I am moving to Japan its even easier to get lots of sea food at restaurants, so happy XD I'm from Brazil xoxo

  3. I did keto for a month. I lost 10lbs which was water weight and inflammation. I couldn’t do it anymore after a month I was bloated, constipated and I felt awful. I went vegan for a month before and lost 4 lbs, because I was eating high carb. So now I’m doing low carb. But it’s so hard. I love junk food.

  4. My doctor just told me I am exhibiting symptoms of pcos, but don't have the money to get an ultrasound right now (I dont have insurance) to confirm. He told me to look into pcos diets and see if that helps. He said keto might help but there were other options. I dont think I could do keto or vegan. Low carb maybe.
    I just wanted to say that your videos are very helpful to me learning how to change up my diet. Do you have any tips for making coffee? I normally use 1 tbsp of pure cane sugar (not the white sugar) and coffee creamer. Which I realize is probably too much sugar. I HATE the taste of stevia. Do you have any tips?

  5. I was curious if anyone has done the 10 day green smoothie cleanse by JJ Smith? I know the recipes require some veggies and possibly too much fruit for someone with PCOS, but is it okay since it's only for 10 days? I definitely lost weight doing it

  6. i was whole foods plant based vegan for over two years. i've had pcos symptoms for years but didn't know i had it until this year. i cant lose extra weight to save my life and i have a ton of hormonal acne. i want to be lower carb higher fat vegan again but i hate avocados and tofu HELP ME ):

  7. I appreciate this video. It is hard to find any information on pcos ANYWHERE! I spent hours and hours looking things up because my doctor just told me…follow the Mediterranean diet. I don't believe that any one diet will work for everyone. It is all about balance. Thought I would never eat most of my favorite foods ever, but I've been eating pretty regularly aside from adding extra greens and cutting out processed carbs(the white bread, pasta, etc.) and cutting out sugary drinks (mostly just tea and water for me now), cutting out chips and fast food, and all the things that everyone says are bad for you…
    And I'm still allowed to eat things that I love… I did not quit dairy (although I'm more aware of how much i consume), i did not quit red meat, I did not completely give up sweets (have a sweet treat from time to time), I did not really give up anything but processed food laced with fat and sugar that aren't healthy with anyone. With just switching around my diet so it is more balanced and exercising… I lost 5 lbs in like a week and a half.
    Everyone needs to find what works for them because everyone's PCOS is different. Stay consistent with trying to be healthy. Try not to give into those cravings all the time, and if you do reflect, learn and try and find some way to improve. I wish you all luck 🙂

  8. What about not low carb, but higher in unprocessed, slow carbs, as in a whole food plant based diet? I've heard it's not necessarily all carbs that you need to be concerned about, but processed carbs? Like eating more things like sweet potatoes, oats, quinoa, lentils and beans, along with lots of fruit and veggies and plant based proteins?

  9. One of the best videos I've seen on PCOS diet. I do a low carb no dairy diet and after 7 month of doing this my period has come back and my PCOS symptoms have mostly disappeared.

  10. Thanks! This is a really helpful video. I've been PCOS diagnosed for 2 years. I went on keto for 6 months, and found it helpful in the beginning. It definitely healed my relationship with food and I feel like it reset my body which had been so badly addicted to carbs for so long (like, my whole life!). It helped me to kick sugar cravings in the butt because for the first time in my life, I knew how good it felt not to be feeling the highs and lows of sugar and refined carbs. But I did focus on keeping healthy fats high and saturated fat low, and lots of veges, as you point out! I actually ate more veges on keto than on my pre-diagnosis Western diet. Now I'm following a more sustainable low and good quality carb diet (100-120g per day). Some of the weight has come back, but most of it has stayed off. So, in sum, can be helpful, but I agree with you that I it's not a good forever diet!

  11. Great video, I finally decided to stick with low carb, I have PCOS and I read the same survey you were talking about. But I'm definetely sure I couldn't do keto, it feels too strict for me. I'm more comfortable with some amount of veggies and moderately fat dairy and extra protein with some fruit. Still, I'm trying to keep carbs under 100g. Sometimes I make it to keep it on 50g. That concept feels sustainable and I have much more food choices on daily basis, and I don't want to stress around food. Thanks for video.

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