Should You Exercise with The Keto Diet? What Type is Best for Weight Loss | Ashley Salvatori

Should You Exercise with The Keto Diet? What Type is Best for Weight Loss | Ashley Salvatori


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In this video I explain what types of exercise is best when following the ketogenic diet and why!

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  1. I've been on keto for a month n half and I have been doing hiit workouts 4 days a week. I thought cardio was better to help me reach my goal. I just started weights back again 30 minutes then 45 minutes of cardio because I want to tone up. So weights and cardio is fine on same day 🤷‍♀️

  2. Hello. I do 30 minutes Treadmill on 3.3 speed. Then I do 15 minutes cycling on 3.5-4.0 speed. Then I do stomach exercises such as elbow Plank (4 rounds – 30 Sec), 30 crunches, and more. Then I do weights where I do Stomach exercises. I do this everyday. Is it okay to do these exercises since I am on Keto diet?

  3. I need to get as much weight off as I can pre surgery so chose keto. BMI and weight is important. Should I do cardio or weights if I have 1 week to try to get 10+lbs off? If cardio, how long? Won’t muscle weigh more? And I MUST weigh less by scale.

  4. Thank you so much Ashley I would do cardio 6 days a week with no weights , for all the exercise I did I feel like I didn’t lose as much weight because I would then end up really hunger and over eat I will definitely try this thank you !!!!

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