Should YOU be doing the KETOGENIC diet? | Is Keto SAFE? BeerBiceps Keto

Should YOU be doing the KETOGENIC diet? | Is Keto SAFE? BeerBiceps Keto

Everything you need to know about Keto :

BBSummer Diet Plan for weight loss :
Is the keto diet safe?

Today’s video is the latest in the BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet playlist. A lot of people are hesitant about taking up the keto diet because they’re afraid they’ll lose their gains, or their sex drive or their overall happiness. But What you need to know is that most of these factors are psychological. If you’re considering keto for fat loss or keto for bodybuilding, you need to know if it is good or bad for you. Is keto diet dangerous? Will keto harm your body? Watch to learn. Ideal Keto video for beginners!


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  1. bhai mujhe shadi me jana hai ek week ka hi time hai I am 17 🥺 please bataiye 1 week karlooo kya or haa I am not over weight my weight is 58 kg and height is 5'3 but I wanna ho size zero please please reply can I do for a week😭😭

  2. The actress who died due to kidney failure as she was on keto. What about that? It scares the shift out of me. I have been on keto and I lost 45 kilos. And now due to unhealthy eating habits I have gained 20 kilos back in 6 months. I am scared to go back to keto.

  3. Here's a logic for you. Just because there is no long term research on something, it doesn't mean a statement is true. So statement like 'Hey, it's new , it has no long term research on this but you know it's great'. Absence of research does not prove a statement, neither does it deny it. So basically if there is no long term research it means ' no one is really sure and you are on your own '

  4. Hello ,
    2 questions.

    1. Does active sex life/ masturbation causes disturbance in keto diet ??
    2. I am 20 have a huge ponch (like seriously huge) , rest everything apart from ponch is toned. Is keto diet suggested for me ??

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