Renal Diet Plan: Update on Kidney Diet plan with Keto and Fasting August 2019

Renal Diet Plan: Update on Kidney Diet plan with Keto and Fasting August 2019

Episode 52: Renal Diet Plan: Update on Kidney Diet plan with Keto and Fasting August 2019. I’m often asked, how is my kidney diet plan going and what am I doing for my renal diet? What renal diet foods am I eating, what does a typical meal look like with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)? Here is my Kidney Diet plan update for August 2019.

One thing which is certainly true about fighting and beating CKD is that everything changes. The renal diet plan I had at Stage 5 was much stricter than the plan I had in Stage 4, and even then my plan changed as I got close to Stage 3.

With each set of lab results, I used my bloodwork to re-optimize my renal diet and make changes. All of this was done working with my doctors – I needed their experience and knowledge to plan the next steps in my treatment strategy.

So where am I with my renal diet plan in August 2019?
Many months ago I switched to a Ketogenic diet, modified to not aggravate my kidneys and cause inflammation. This required keeping a close eye on Potassium. Keto diets typically use Avocado for their healthy fat and Tomatoes. These are both high in Potassium, so I needed to limit them.

A quick note on potassium – too much is very bad at Stage 4 and 5, but with a higher GFR, potassium can actually be protective of your kidneys. With each new GFR I asked my doctors for an update to my daily minimum and maximums for Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Protein, Carbs, Calcium, and Calories. These levels will adjust as your GFR changes – if your doctor isn’t adjusting them, ask them WHY to help remind them they should be adjusting them.

After the first 45 days of a Keto diet I got my labs. Nearly everything moved into range nicely – including my Red Blood Cell Count and Hemoglobin’s – I was now no longer suffering from any anemia. This gave me a boost in energy and made me feel 20 years younger.

Not all was rainbow and unicorns. My Creatinine and BUN went up slightly. But I didn’t panic, it was very slightly, and my doctor warned me that might happen. Overall I was healthier though – my labs looked really good. The Keto diet plan I was on had a lot more animal-protein than I was eating and that was the cause of the increase in Creatinine and BUN.

We modified my diet again and I’m now eating very little animal protein. I am nearly vegetarian and I mainly eat animal protein as Tuna or grilled chicken with mixed veggies.

The majority of my meals are now stir fry in a cast iron wok. I’ll throw in some Ghee for healthy fat, and flavor, mix in carrots, broccoli, snow peas, cauliflower, a little kale and spinach, and other veggies and cook them up. I’ll make up my own sauce with vinegar, pineapple juice, low sodium soy sauce, ginger and other ingredients. For protein I may add an egg or two just before I’m done cooking the veggies.

I’m also eating a lot of salads and adding homemade tuna salad to them. I hate fish, so I make my tuna salad with vegan mayo, sliced celery & onions, little mustard, and lemon juice. I’ll even make a tuna sandwich using Low Carb high fiber wraps.

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  1. Please continue doing your monthly updates!! I’m a newly subscriber and thank god I came across your channel! My brother recently was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure and your channel is giving us hope that the kidneys can improve!!

  2. Thanks for making these videos! I’m glad to hear about the modified Keto diet, that it is possible and helpful for kidney disease. Are you eating any berries or fruit at all on this diet? Are you using nutritional yeast? How do you get your B vitamins?

  3. James thank you so much! I am posting from South Africa, and your advice improved my daughter of 22 's CKD from stage 3B to stage 3A in 3 months. We have been following your videos for about 6 months, and seeing that she also suffers from Diabetes Type 1, it took her 3 months to get to a stage where she can go fully vegetarian and eat 2 meals a day. Please keep on doing this, we got so much more advice from you than from any doctor. Do you have a video on those healthy fat sauces of yours?

  4. Thanks for the Video. Found out several months ago I had a GFR of 48 due to elevated BUN and creatinine. I was on keto for several months before that but need to tune it better and this video was helpful. What are your latest bun and creatinine level?

  5. I thank you so much for your valuable information, I felt really lost before I found you especially since I have no health insurance, my recent gfr was 23 in June it was 26 but I am on Better track now thanks to you…. What about beer seems to be low in phos, potassium, and sodium ?

  6. I also only eat one meal a day.
    Bravo sir!!!
    I eat @ 5pm everyday.
    No eating after 5.
    My question is do you work out? You need to add yoga, cardio and strength training.
    It's a must to get that heart beat up daily. I swim laps, and ride my bike instead of driving.

  7. So I bet your a mouth breather huh? Smallest nostrils I've ever seen!!! Almost no holes.
    I literally had to start putting medical tape over my mouth before bed. Mouth breathing creates all sorts of problems with your health. Look it up.
    Always breathe through your nose…if you can that is. Lol!

  8. Hello! Please answer…mi mom was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease , she have diabetes type 2,she started keto diet 2 weeks ago, now, sugar levels are good but blood pressure is 144/84 or so at nights how bad is that? She exercises in the mornings and blood pressure average is 130/74
    What we can we do for her to keep good blood pressure at night time? Thanks 🙏🏻

  9. About 2/3 through. Thought u had success. So glad for you. Very inspiring… Will work more closely with my new Doc. Just got a good one. Went through a bunch of insurances changes so was on my own for a while. But not now.

  10. I haven't watched the video but can tell you have lost weight on keto. I'm assuming you have had success. I am stage 3 and did a bit of keto for a couple months walking on pins and needles with out Docs support. But my numbers are fine. So right now I've stopped but after a diverticulitis surgery and for them to cut out some adhesions/scar tissue out of my abdomen from Sepsis, I'm going back to keto. It's the only way I loose weight with one.kidney, that's been through kidney failure. But I use caution.

  11. Glad to hear you're following a carb fat mix diet. it felt like my body was in shock when I was doing keto(vegan). I've switched to a low GI(most calories from lentils) and fat heavy- shallow fried veggies now. My intention was to follow a similar idea to yours where I eat fats for dinner but I haven't been quite as religious with that yet. Eagerly waiting for your labs!

  12. Hi James my Husband Larry his GFR last week was a 26 his Creatinine 2.43 compared to the 6 weeks ago yes he is improving!!!!
    This Thursday he will see his Kidney doctor, so my game plan is to push this doctor with all of my questions answered because this Wife isn’t gonna sit and watch her Husband decay, we are going to beat this together 👍🏻
    I’m going to request for a dietitian to see what he says.
    Pork is animal protein but we don’t eat red meat anymore and learning to be creative and stopped all potatoes except for sweet potatoes frozen organic, my Husband has trouble swallowing the thingy in the back of his throat has relaxed with his age 79 so I have to make sure he doesn’t choke on his food.
    Any suggestions you have please email us
    [email protected]

  13. so far my gfr is at 50…i lost 40 pounds now at 170 but i will loose another 5 move pounds to be even better as told by my doctor…my potassium levels are sugar level very good…no iron deficiency.
    I am eating a low sodium red meat. non gmo chicken and fish, tuna…blueberries and all the berries…pineapples…etc…. I bake everything. lots of water…no juices of any kind…. no soda!!! ufffff
    my hero in all this is Dadadvice! god bless you. * I am also going to a kidney specialist and will let you know if i improve my GFR from a stage 3 to a stage 2….God is in control. don't give up my people!!! diet is the ultimate goal..i also work out but not to strenuous!

  14. Great video, it’s so true when you decide to take something out of your diet, thy don’t draw you to them like before. I am not eating chocolate for a month and half, and I don’t crave that anymore. Also I am eating much less. I could easily only start to get hungry at mid day, but I drink my medication, and don’t want to drink it on a empty stomach. What do you think. I could easily just have my tea in the morning with out eating….? Do you think that would be ok just tea with my medication…🤷🏼‍♀️
    My Dr. is not helping with my diet. And have not seen my nutritionist for at least 5 years, she is never there. Anyway thy don’t help with different food sources. So just have to try and work things out myself…😪

  15. Dear Mr James,

    Thank you very much.
    I love you and pray for your health and wellbeing and prosperity and happiness and long life.
    You are a very great man, a great coach.

    Thank you very much.
    Hameed Jilani.
    83 years old and diabetic since 1987.

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