Paneer Keto Diet Recipe by Vishwash Kumar | Weight Loss Paneer Recipe

Paneer Keto Diet Recipe by Vishwash Kumar | Weight Loss Paneer Recipe

A lot of my friends are on Keto diet and they have been asking me for a quick and easy vegetarian dish which they can have for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
I have observed that a lot of Keto recipes on internet has too much of garlic and ginger, both of these are high in carbs(3 grams of garlic has almost 1 gram of carb). So, if you are intaking only 20 gms of carbs, please avoid ginger and garlic. However, if you are taking 35-50 grams of carbs, you can use a pinch of ginger and garlic to enhance the flavor of any dish.

This brilliant Paneer recipe is a brilliant for people who are trying to lose weight, takes just few mins and tastes AWESOME.

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  3. ur recipe might b good.. bt ginger garlic helps to fight various diseases in our body. especially it helps to raise our immune system.. .instead who dnt like ginger garlic ,they can create their own paste at home n can use thatโ˜บ๏ธ

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