My #1 Keto Foods for Beginners

My #1 Keto Foods for Beginners


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Most common questions I get … 
1) “Doc, what BLOOD KETONE METER do you recommend?”
      ANSWER:  FORACARE: (Promo-code: Dr.Boz)
      It’s accurate and takes only ONE test-strip to get results. YES!!
2) “Doc, what can I have while fasting?”
    Salt + water are best.  
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       Sounds weird but it’s strangely satisfying.
    Black coffee – I prefer cold brew coffee. 
    Fasting tea. My favorite = Pique Tea Instant Crystals:
Bergamot Black Tea:
    Pique Teas have great flavor and the highest antioxidants possible. They
freeze dry their tea into crystals. Pique Tea acts like instant tea … with
GREAT TASTE.  Not bitter. Not moldy.  
    Ketones-In-A-Can is also a nice option during a fast. If you have to have
something, use ketones to strengthen your metabolism during your fast.  
    Bone broth
3) “Doc, how do you know if you’re eating the right fat?” 
     Measure it. Your Red Blood Cells keep track of the fat you eat. The “skin”
of your red blood cells show the answer. Order the test and do it at
home. Mail it in for your results. No doctor’s order needed.
Omega 3 Index:

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  1. I did this for 4 months and lost 30lbs after reading your book! However i went to have my cholesterol checked all levels improved except for the tryglycerides they were at 206. I did have a coffee with heavy cream and coconut oil prior to my test and even told my dr she still insisted on testing.. She said i needed to stop the keto right away and be on statins because of the tryglycerides levels my ldl dropped significantly from 160 to 117 good cholesterol even increased.. So i stopped and now im low calorie low fat to lower cholesterol without statins because i refuse them..and im not loosing weight and they are pushing me to have a gastric sleeve surgery. im 220lbs..down from 250.. What would you suggest i do? could i have been doing something wrong? i lived on eggs and loaded cauliflower and brusslel sprouts and cheese crisp and salad and tons of avacado… Really want to get back on it but my dr has me very scared!

  2. I'm 52 i am disabled I have fatty liver non alcoholic. I have 5 doctors my internal medicine doctor is old and from Iran. I asked him his opinion of the keto diet. Wow he's against it and said its not good for me. I didnt tell him I am on it. I did tell him I feel better and losing weight. He also said im pre diabetes but my a1c is 5.5 I looked it up and it said pre is 5.7 I am gonna tell him when he calls me that I'm on keto. He's still not seeing patients. Whats ur thaught and opinion?

  3. I hope you see this Dr. or someone to help me with this. I have been on the Keto diet for 9 days now. I am strict on my diet, and take MCT Oil in the am and sometimes on my salad. I fast at least 14 and up 18 hours a day. Carbs are non existent daily, expect for the foods Dr. you have said to start out with. My problem, I am so tired, I can't hardly move, I don't stay in the bathroom, in fact, thinking I should take something to go. I have lost 2 pounds. I am really thinking of quitting because I feel awful everyday. I know I have to be in ketosis. I drink so much water my husband is concerned. I don't drink alcohol at all, and just wondering, should I do something different, obviously i am doing something wrong. HELP

  4. Thank you for your help. I started with the egg fast for 3 Days. Within 4 days I finally got into ketosis!!! I've been on the keto diet before but I have never gotten into ketosis even though I would check my ketones every single day period but when you said eat fat include fat because your body needs it even though I with all the egg fast I added extra fat butter mayonnaise and it worked I've been in ketosis ever since period that was just a week ago and I've already lost 6 lb so thank you so much. yesterday I checked my ketones and my ketones were is dark as they could get way up in the purple range period at this point I am unable to get the equipment you have but at this point at least I know I'm in ketosis. So again thank you so much.

  5. Sardines have a very mild flavour and they're amazing for you, the brand I eat has almost 2 grams of Omega 3's per serve. Added bonus: They're also amazing for creeping out family/co-workers when they're trying to talk to you while there's a sardine tail hanging out of your mouth… LoL.

  6. My mom and my grandma used to try to get me to eat liver. Also livers worse they loved it. I can't. I just can't. It makes me turn green.
    Sadly I can't stand liver. And I truly hate fish of any kind. This poses a problem.

  7. Dr. Boz, I've looked through your videos and cant find anything related to pregnancy. I wanted to ask if you could do a video around that? Say someone needs to regulate their hormones and get healthy before they can attempt to be pregnant. Would it be safe I guess to do Keto for a year. Start getting their menstrual cycle back and then get pregnant? Should they continue keto while pregnant? Not fasting but the foods they eat?

  8. There are 6 grams of added sugar in each can of Spam (since 1 can is considered "6" servings). Since I do not eat bread I can easily eat 1 entire can in one sitting & that is too much sugar for me in such a small portion of food. Tuna & sardines can be found with 0 grams of sugar in comparison. I wish Spam had only a 1/3 of that sugar or less since it can be eaten at work without the unpleasant odor of tuna or sardines & no complaints from co-workers nearby.

  9. Dr. Boz I was so happy to find liver is a super food. We live in Alaska and were just blessed with half a moose. The other party wasn't interested in any of the liver, heart or tongue. We boiled all the bones, 21 qts of bone broth with bone marrow. Score! Yum, creamed spinach.

  10. I can't help but wonder if high carb diets have anything to do with suicide in young men. You mentioned in an earlier podcast that going keto seems to help with mood and depression.

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