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What are macros and why do they matter on a ketogenic diet? We’ll break everything down for you in this video!

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  1. I had an Inbody scan and it said I have a 50% bodyfat percentage. I then did the navy tape measure method and it said that I have a 72% bodyfat percentage. Which one should I go by and use in the keto calculator?

  2. I've read an article that says the amount of calories in a specific ingredient changes according to the cooking method you use.

    How do I know how many calories are in a food after cooking it?

    Just an example: let's say I make a burger and melt some cheese on the top of it, I know how many calories are in the cheese raw, but how do i know the amount that it has after melted?

  3. I used this calculator and it suggested me to take:
    103g of fat/49g of protein/20g of carbs
    The problem is that doesn't give 75% fat/ 25% protein and 5% of carbs as it should be in a ketogenic diet

  4. I appreciate the knowledge but you don't have to honestly be so artificial and just pretentious when you're saying the stuff. You are a human like the rest of us. How's about trying to sound like the rest of us?!

  5. Hi,I am doing it wrong, no sugar ,no carbs,only veggies and meat/fat and only twice reached keto in my urine the rest is negative,I started in mid December lost about 12 pounds ,I have cravings,it’s hard to get into ketosis? Any suggestion?
    Never drink sodas ,no coffee, only herbal tea,and roasted chicory root coffee,I can not eat fish I am allergic to it

  6. This is making my head spin:(

    I just did went to the site and did my macros… but this is too scientific for me… i love this diet but the talk of counting and tracking is making me not wanna do it because i feel I’ll fail. Gonna keep researching a bit.

  7. The Keto Calculator has never worked for me, it is FRUSTRATING. Each time, I enter info, hit 'Calculate' it takes me back to 'how active are you on daily basis'. No matter what I enter, each time hitting calculate returns me to it???

  8. If a person limits their calories to 1,000 per day then why would you need a keto diet? A person can lose weight on a regular diet at 1,600 calories a day, a 1,000 calories is not much food and it seems people would break they'er diets a lot faster. Just curious because i have started the keto and have had no results at 15 carbs a day.

  9. I can't get your keto calculator to work. I even refreshed the page. I enter in all the information and after I click calculate it just goes back up to the middle of the page as if I didn't enter in some information. This is VERY frustrating. Luckily I found another keto calculator online. It worked just fine. I wish I knew how to covert those percentages to GRAMS though of food. And I need to find the best foods to get me to 69% fat, 26% protein and 4% carbs. I find that pecans, just 1/4 are four carbs. Even my flavored bottles of water are six carbs each. I worked hard in the yard today for several hours without eating. I ate a good meal last night, 4 pieces of bacon, one small pork chop, one small 100 calorie piece of salmon, butter, mayo for the condiment for the pork. Then later I found a five ounce bag of pork rinds I had forgotten I had. I ate maybe half the bag. Pork rinds seem to be a great way to get fat. I don't really care for them and I'd eagerly eat corn chips, pretzels or any other snack chip, but well they are crunchy. I drank like 46 ounces of lemonade. I need some stevia too.

  10. have a Carb Coma after doing keto and youll realize why keto is better, carbs are good for the moment cause your brain just wants to store fat for winter, but too many carbs in todays society keep you tired sluggish and its a endless cycle with carbs, the feeling alone is better the bloat is gone when your low carb

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