Ketogenic Diet vs. Kidneys | Keto’s Effect on the Kidneys | Kidneys Stones Explained- Thomas DeLauer

Ketogenic Diet vs. Kidneys | Keto’s Effect on the Kidneys | Kidneys Stones Explained- Thomas DeLauer

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Ketogenic Diet vs. Kidneys | Keto’s Effect on the Kidneys | Kidneys Stones Explained- Thomas DeLauer…
Keto & Gene Expression:
A study published in the journal Kidney International looked at nephropathy (term used when the kidneys start to incur damage, which can ultimately lead to kidney failure) in diabetic mice (3)
The researchers found the genes responsible for nephropathy (nephrin, ZO-1 and podocin) were reversed – this helped restore the mice’s kidneys back to healthy functioning. Specifically, the study found that keto increased the expression of SIRT1, which led to a reduction in the genes responsible for nephropathy. In indications of energy surplus, such as glycogen and insulin, inhibit activation of AMPK – ketosis decreases these factors that inhibit AMPK. Through a very long process ketosis is able to activate SIRT1 indirectly through activation of AMPK.

SIRT1 is a protein or vehicle that requires NAD+ to function – SIRT1 takes acetyl groups off of proteins. SIRT enzymes “turn off” certain genes that promote aging, such as those involved in inflammation, in fat synthesis and storage, and in blood sugar management. When proteins are undergoing stress, acetyl groups are added to proteins as a response to changes induced by inflammation and oxidation. Sirtuins (like SIRT1) remove these acetyl groups to keep the protein in service longer than usual, while simultaneously stabilizing the charge state of the carbon backbone in protein to resist any further changes in their shape. This allows your cellular proteins to live longer and you can save energy on other processes.

Keto & Glomerular Lesions:
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is a test to measure how well the kidneys filter blood and remove waste. Glomeruli, the small units within the kidney where blood is filtered – they act as tiny filters within the kidneys and each kidney contains millions of glomeruli. If the glomeruli become damaged, the kidney can no longer remove waste and excess fluids efficiently – blood and protein cannot be filtered and are excreted in the urine. Too much glucose may cause glomerular lesions in patients with poor glucose control, leading to impairment of the kidneys. Glomerulonephritis, a group of diseases that cause inflammation and damage to the kidney’s filtering units – glomerulonephritis refers to a range of inflammatory kidney conditions of the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys. High glucose levels are thought to make the blood flow into the kidney at a higher speed, putting a strain on the filtering process and raising blood pressure. The capillaries in the glomerulus collapse and can leave the glomeruli with scarring.

Meta Analysis – British Journal of Nutrition:
The review measured the impact of low carb diet on renal function taking into account 1000 people from nine randomised controlled trials found that:

“a low carbohydrate diet and the corresponding high-protein diet was not harmful for renal function in overweight and obese individuals without renal dysfunction.”

Furthermore, it concluded that a low carb diet may even improve renal function thanks to its weight loss effects.

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  1. My post-first-stone nutritionist person just told me I had to drop nearly all my protein from meats, cheese and instead start eating bunch of veggies I've never eaten … and I love lifting weights 3-5 days a week. God help me.

  2. I've been following you and researching keto and PKD. I am on PD dyalisis at home. The soloution we use to dyalize is a glucose based solution which has now made me a diabetic. Would the keto diet work with this? Being I'm using a glucose based soloutuon would it keep me kicked out of ketosis? I need to lose weight for transplant. I know for sure I need low carb foods. My food restrictions now is basically I need low phosphorus and low salt foods.

  3. Not to have kidney stone you need from potassium 4700 mg a day (check your foods potassium content), and 500 mg of magnesium – as minimum, but more if you sweat. In keto some green vegetables and banana may support potassium intake, but these are not very tasty (rarely eaten) or not helpful (banana breaks keto). Supplements may help. No, i am not a doctor, but had a kidney stone problem, it is solved this way, advised by a doctor.

  4. I've currently got a kidney stone. I've been Keto for a month. I'm pretty sure the increased water (4ltrs) has just flushed the stone out of the kidney. I haven't had a painful kidney stone for 5years. I think keto is just forcing my body to sort its self out and the stone is just the waste leaving.

  5. 5 year ago i did surgery for kidney stone removal, 15 stone of various side on one side and 20 on the other (did 2 surgeries, 6 months apart), 4 months ago i did an MR and again both kidneis had a lot of stones… on ketoo since about then and already expeled 3 stones and i guess the other ones are been dissoluted… sugar bounds the cristals and form the big stones………

  6. oxalates cause kidney stones not dehydration. If you have a kidney stone most doctors that have nutrition knowledge would recommend staying away from high oxalate foods such as spinach. Diabetes drugs will destroy your kidneys. Eat grass fed meat and organs with Real salts.

  7. Totally binge watching your videos right now! Just want to say thank you for making such informative videos, I’ve learned a ton about keto and the proper foods to be eating on a low carb diet! Thank you Thomas!! Keep making awesome videos 👍👍👍

  8. Lol you're a blessing for so many people dude. This might seem strange but have you seen the rh negative video title, Mysterious Birth Has Woman Suspect She Maybe Hybrid Alien? That's pretty close to the title anyhow. Well the guy talks about this Nordic Alien who states or claims that they have every cure to every human disease known to man, but they won't give the cures to the humanity of the earth because they're not supposed to be sick. Lol you're kinda the antithesis of that, or the proper functionality, which some self presented arrogant jerk couldn't bring himself to orchestrate/proper way. I mean who blame people, elderly or child for circumstances unbeknownst to themselves. Nobody's born with all the answers. They're born into a corrupt functioning system of pharmaceutical greed & are placed at blame.? Give me a brake. I'm through with that deities mysticism lol. I don't know why you always remind me of that, the thing this supposed character couldn't muster itself to be. Point is you rock!
    Hope that reads clear, it's my insomnia hour. Best I got.

  9. Great video–Had some concerns about my kidney stones. But religiously drink ACV + lemon every morning as I've hear the lemon especially can inhibit the format of kidney stones (calcium oxalate in my case). By the way, love the scientist furiously writing on his notepad at 6:29.

  10. This is an important video for anyone interested in how the kidneys function!
    And for keeping them healthy! I'm learning and sharing so that I can
    help my family and my YouTube family of Buttercups!
    Thanks Thomas!

  11. I had glomerulonephritis back in 2015. Stage 5 kidney failure at 33. I was on dialysis for two months before my glomeruli healed. I was 500 lbs at the time. Went low carb because I knew I would die. 2 years later, down 150 lbs. Kidneys show as unremarkable – as if kidney failure never occurred. eGFR and creatinine are normal. Intermittent fasting definitely assisted low carb in healing my kidneys. You always hear either keto or high protein will damage your kidneys. All the nephrologists that helped me scoffed at the thought protein damages kidneys, let alone high fat.

  12. I have a question about a previous video, when you decide to OMAD 3-4 times a week, should it be a period of 3-4 days then eat throughout the day the following days of the week, or should you stagger it, like OMAD 1 day, then eat 3 small meals the next day, and go back and forth?

  13. enjoy your work Thomas. It is worthy of considering that the cause of 'stones' is all to do with body chemistry; and yes I have heard you refer to food combining in a video. The stones or calcification occurs in differing locations depending on unique dna of each person, calcification in joints, calcification in arteries; calcification in Gallbladder or Kidney. All the same condition in different locations of body. Nothing to do with fad diet and every thing to do with effecient and ineffecient digestive processes and the byproducts. Enter conversation about Protein. We know the label protein is not specific as protein is available in both animal and plant based foods.
    I have watched with great interest many patients suffer or enjoy return to health via effecient digestion via the simple method of food combining. I have read the suggested reasons and cannot gurantee they are true for those reasons, ie. higher acidity argument. But I can say that the results speak for themselves.
    The second major observation from patients on the table is that those who suffer back pain due to kidney overload get immediate benefit from the short term removal of animal proteins.
    Now, I personally believe it all has much more to do with the bowel and the kidneys role of extracting fluid from this last process of elimination. When the bowel is fulll of poorly digested material; a toxic mess ensures and the body is going to collapse from the recycling.

  14. @thomasdelauer I lost 30lbs following you, I feel so much better in everything. And what this diet does to you in the bedroom is a plus that will really help you live this lifestyle!!!!! I and a tabaco user, I love my cigars, I am not at a stage in my wellness that I am willing to give them up. I know they are bad yea yea. Nicotine restricts blood flow so I don't use 6 hours before I work out. Idk why 6 hours I just picked it. But what about my liver processing Nicotine? Did I just eat all this exspensive food and mineral for no reason? If your going to use nicotine how does it affect my nutrition intake and fat burning?

  15. Thomas, if you're keeping your carbohydrate intake to 20 grams, then what's the issue with moderate fat/high protein? Basically the atkins version. Surely it can still bring about ketosis, as people who do that still lose a great deal of weight.

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