KETOGENIC DIET : Can You Gain Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet?

KETOGENIC DIET : Can You Gain Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet?

Can you gain muscle on a ketogenic diet?

If you watched the first video in our ketogenic diet series, we explained what a ketogenic diet was and explained how to implement it into your bodybuilding lifestyle.

On this video, we will talk about how you can gain muscle while on a ketogenic diet. The misconceptions on how lack of carbohydrates will work against you while you are trying to gain size.

This is a video loaded with great information that you can definitely use to help you reach your goals of gaining muscle and losing fat.

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  1. Amazing! You re a legend! I ve experienced myself in the last half year and surely muscle can be grown, muscle is spared when not exercising. Yet I am ought to master the art of burning fat and building muscle at the same time. I m looking at doing resistance training 3 days a week and some cardio and/or hiit 2 other days to maximise fat burning. intermittent and prolonged fasting is my dagger!

  2. You guys truly deliver reliable scientific information! Thanks for all your efforts. I follow a ketogenic diet because I have massive IBS issues. Keto helps. I couldn't gain any muscle. My T-level is around 300 though. :-/

  3. Loved the vid. I’m a grad student studying nutrition at UCA, I follow a targeted keto diet and have for 4 years now. I was surprised that my ExPhys prof (Dr Jerry Mayo) had some interest and some great things to say about keto. I think as the research is advanced, with the help of labs like your’s, acceptance will continue to grow. I’ve already seen it become more accepted since my undergrad. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hello dear Dr. Wilson, I tried it, and it was not so much different from other diets. I have an MSC of exercise physiology; I like your studies. I think the real question is, why do we must be on a ketogenic diet?

  5. It would be interesting to compare the effectiveness of both because at the moment a keto diet seems to be the same as a conventional diet with having a more limited range of foods that you can eat.
    Unless there are more muscle building benefits to going keto?
    Would you say some of us adapt better to a keto diet due to genetics?

  6. Dr. Wilson, have you read the book The Anabolic Diet by Dr Mauro DiPasquale? Similar to keto diet, just carb cycle one day a week, I have been following this diet strict since 2015, much mass and strength gains while losing fat

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