Keto Over 60 | My Mom Drops Sugar, Tries Keto Diet, Shares Results

Keto Over 60 | My Mom Drops Sugar, Tries Keto Diet, Shares Results

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My Mom Liz is in her early 60’s and decided to cut out sugar in March and go full Keto in May. So far she’s lost over 12 pounds, has more energy, better memory and has an easy time avoiding sugar and processed foods!

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  1. Tell her about dr Mindy Pelz, she has awesome Progesteron (diet) protokoll!!!! I fixed my period just with proper Keto+IF Pp. Love it! My doughter (17) has had only 3 periods a year. She is on the same protocol now, (no meds) great results.
    Let your mom know that, she will definately apreciate it.

  2. What a coincidence. My husband is 70 and I am 63…we started keto 3 weeks ago because my husband was exhibiting neurological issues and diminished cognition. I am already seeing huge changes in his energy and emotional demeanor. I am so excited by substantive changes. We don't need the weight loss so much as the health improvement. This interview is so encouraging.

  3. gad!! that interview suck big time. I don't care about your cake or your gummy bear fix. I got tired of hearing all the side bar conversation. I quite listening after 3 minutes. I skipped to other parts to hear the results but was hearing more side bar. can anybody who heard the entirety let me know what the results were. thank you in advance.

  4. I’d like to request you speak to some previous stomach reduction folks who are now keto. I have two friends who refuse to think they can do keto because of their previous surgeries. One is a health professional so it makes it difficult to convince.


    6:10 "Studies have shown over and over that there is a step wise progression so that the more animal foods you eat, the more disease you see and the shorter the lifespan. There is just no question but that this is true. … Humans can't be omnivores because it can't make sense that something we are designed to eat should make us ill."

    17:40 "Eating animal flesh over the course of your lifetime is associated not just with the development of cancer, but heart disease, stroke etc".

    Now, I am posting this video not to get into a war of words with anyone. I have listened to both sides of the keto argument extensively and have drawn my own conclusions and I leave everyone else to do the same. But do so only after getting a more complete picture on the research than Mike's mum's anecdotal experience after 3 weeks of eating a keto diet, particularly when the "evidence" of improvement could more or just as likely been triggered by fasting and by eliminating sugar – both of which she also did and both of which are well known to produce significant health benefits that include, but are not limited to, youthful looking skin. The subliminal message within Mike's interview of his mother is that keto will make you healthier, look younger and feel better. The research does not support such conclusions – quite the opposite.

    I have nothing to sell. I am not being funded or backed by anyone. I simply ask, as Dr. Mills does in his video that, if still in doubt, you assume that he is making it all up and research it for yourself, because when you see the amount of data and research in support of what he is saying, you will want to change your diet, and it won't be to keto. Don't wake up further down the line with a disease triggered by consumption or over consumption of animal protein and lament that you wish you'd understood the risks at the time. Educate yourself now. Good luck.

  6. MSM lies.
    Research who makes money from short stocking companies (GameStop us an example). Fear makes them money.
    Research who pays them.
    Research who owns the corporations.
    Research Project Paperclip. Research Project Mockingbird.
    If you think the news is upsetting now, wait until you find out the truth about what they're hiding.

  7. I have been trying to get my brother to try KETO for years. He is an over weight diabetic taking 35 units of insulin a day.
    He decided on his own 4 months ago to try KETO resulting in a 35lbs weight loss A1C reduction from 16 to 5 and reduction of insulin to ZERO.

  8. No wine…. never.. lol I do intermittent fasting my first meal of the day is 2pm I quit all sugars but I do have a glass of red wine on Fridays, and Sat. I eat Keto very healthy most fish, chicken and I’ve lost 25 pounds… Exercising 30 minutes a day …… She looks 👍 And it’s true when I have my glass of red wine 🍷 on Sat I don’t sleep well…

  9. I’ve had sleep issues for over30 years. I take melatonin 10 mg. A celecoxib, a muscle relaxer and 1000 mg CBD oil. If I’m chilly I can’t sleep. I’ve had a spinal fusion and total knee. Arthritis is in everything.
    I am trying keto. I fast everyday until 2 or 3 pm. Then a keto shake. My downfall is cookies. Chocolate. I have a keto dinner. I’m losing weight, but not fast.

  10. Mike we have talked in the past; I am interested in talking with your mom ; we have been through a lot of the same kind of things i am 69 and have been on Keto 2 years after fasting ( Valter Longo) now I am adding more carbs but very mindfully I might have some helpful hints to share. Thanks again mike

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