Keto Meal Planning 1: A Sample Week of LCHF Meals

Keto Meal Planning 1: A Sample Week of LCHF Meals

Using my family’s favorites and shopping sales, this is how I plan our weekly meals.

Here are two very good crack slaw recipes from two of my favorite bloggers. Remember that ibuse coconut aminos instead of soy sauce since soy sauce is made from wheat.

LC BBQ sauce

Fajitas with Avocado Crema

This one has the yummy fajita marinade

And this has the avocado crema

Lime Cilantro Cauliflower Rice
The lime and cilantro can be eliminated for plain rice.


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  3. Hopefully you can use a tripod in the future. It made me dizzy all the camera moving. I could barely hear you, but whoever filmed this made sounds that trumped you.
    Good info though. Thanks

  4. My daughters and myself are on the Keto diet. The only veggies they will eat for dinner is green beans or broccoli. What else could I serve? They don't like cauliflower any way –raw, cooked or rices.. HELP

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  7. Hi ,i just started watching you .i can"t wait to eat this way ..Only thing is i cant hear you ;your the only channel im having problems with sound.If it"s on your end could you pls raise your volume?I"m researching in the meantime to see what i may beable to do So i can actually Hear you .Thanks

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