Keto Meal Plan Examples For Beginners & Zero Carb Food List!


Download the slides from this video (free) to help you reference the daily keto meal planning ideas, food list and clickable links to recipes etc.

In this video we cover 15 full days of keto with ideas on how to structure your day along with a zero carb food list to give you some inspiration in creating a meal plan that fits you and your lifestyle!

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UPDATE ME on your progress in comments below! and I would love to hear about your results and experience with this lifestyle! You guys mean a lot to me and I LOVE to hear your stories! Thank you for being apart of this journey with me!


0:00 Intro
5:40 Slides Start
6:03 Zero Carb – Processed Meats
7:45 Zero Carb – Seafood
8:39 Zero Carb – Healthy Oils
9:17 Zero Carb – Fresh Meats
10:27 Zero Carb – Spices
11:36 Zero Carb – Sweeteners
12:13 Zero Carb – Beverages
13:15 Intro to Daily Keto Food Meal Plan Ideas
15:23 How to Visually Track Macros on Your Plate (Lazy Keto Method)
17:49 1 to 15 Daily Keto Meal Plan Ideas
35:55 How to make my favorite Fat Latte
36:56 Example of my daily keto routine




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  1. Why no liver? It has low calories, is nutrient dense, and low in carbs. Edited to add: In 2016, at age 65, I started Keto and lost 42 pounds in 8 weeks, eating real whole foods, nothing processed, and 20 carbs (not net carbs) a day. Since then, I usually eat OMAD.

  2. How are you meeting your daily calcium needs? My dietician told me I should consume up to 2,000 mg calcium. Keto diet doesn't do too much dairy does it? I know that sardines have a lot of calcium, but eating too much sardines can cause problems? If this is the case, how do you get the recommended calcium (as well as other nutrients) in the keto diet, if many of the fruits and high fiber carbs that keto won't allow, still have antioxidants and vitamins/nutrients that your body needs?

  3. Thank you for making this video. I've done keto 2 years ago and a lot of IF but after my second pregnancy I pound in the weights. I need to lose the weight for my health and myself.. greetings from Belgium.

    Subscribed immediately. Love this!!

  4. Thanks Ashley!! Te he encontrado de casualidad buscando información sobre este estilo de vida que tengo muchas ganas de poner en marcha. Aquí en mi país, España, la información que voy encontrado es a veces un poco confusa, te agradezco mucho este vídeo y todas las herramientas que pones a nuestra disposición. Un saludo desde España!!😉

  5. Hi, Ashley! I’m glad I found your channel, you are my inspiration from now on. I need to loose some weight (40 pounds). My son is getting married on February 20. and by that day I would like to look better. I’m going to star this tomorrow, and your videos will be my guide. Thank you so much for helping others to achieve what you already did. Receive a big 🤗 huge. I was born in NY, but grew up in Puerto Rico!🌴☀️🌊

  6. How do I know how much to eat? Like breakfast for example, how do I know how many eggs to eat?

    Why is not a lot of lemon ok for keto?

    For the fast results salad can I swap the salmon for a different protein? Also, how do I know what the correct serving size is for everything???

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