Keto For Beginners – Ep 1 – How to start the Keto diet | Keto Basics with Headbanger's Kitchen

Welcome to my brand new series called ‘Keto For Beginners’ where I tell you how to start the Keto diet and give you a meal plan to get you started. So use this FREE Keto meal plan and start your journey today!

It’s important to remember that I’m NOT a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian. I’m just a musician/Youtuber who has done Keto so please do not take any of this as medical advise. If you have pre-existing conditions please consult your doctor or a qualified professional before doing anything. This is simply a resource for people who need it. So please treat this as a disclaimer before proceeding.

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  1. This video was in my recommendations for keto diets. I didn't see the name of your channel at that point, but since i am a huge fan of metal myself the video kept getting better. Now i have a favorite channel to follow for my keto diet, including good music in the background. Thank You 😀

  2. Ahaha the avocado part. Damn..Ive been buying avocado and always didnt get to eat a nice 100% green flesh like in many recipes I feel like am I the only one who never gets perfectly ripe avocadoes??

  3. Very entertaining video , great recipes ,and I love your humorous presenting style, but you add more salt to a days worth of food than I would eat in a month! I wouldn't add any whatsoever , theirs plenty of flavor in your recipes without it . Salt is very unhealthy in these quantities!

  4. Hi my name is windy and I am just starting keto my problem is I work to two job.i watch your video for the breakfast I eat that every day but my is turkey bacon and egg white what can I buy for breakfast and lunch when I am still at work and stay on track

  5. This looks delicious, my only issue is the amount of fresh produce, how do you guys store it to keep it from going bad quickly? My other question is do you meal prep some of this, my biggest thing of course due to work is lunch time (do yall meal prep this at least) or in Keto can you replace with some sort of Protein/Smoothie style shake?

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