KETO DIET RESULTS AND EXPERIENCE (Beginners) | Michelle Monroy

KETO DIET RESULTS AND EXPERIENCE (Beginners) | Michelle Monroy

Hi Internet BFF’s! In this video I’m sharing my one month Keto Diet results & experience from a beginner’s standpoint! If you’re interested in starting the Keto Diet, this one’s for you!


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  1. There is a french vanilla liquid stevia that makes your bulletproof coffee more like something you could get from Starbucks. If you're not worried as much for calories you could add some heavy whipping cream. With Kerry gold butter and mct oil. Delicious. If you were interested 😊

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm on keto right now for a youtube video too, and I definitely feel (after some internet research) that you were on a low carb diet, but not low enough to stay in ketosis that whole time. Given some of the higher glucose and protein foods you were eating that's bound to happen, but it's common for beginners so your vid is great for others to see where they could improve their own efforts! Keep it up girl

  3. A couple tips:
    1. Bullet proof coffee needs to be blended up because then the fat will just sit at the top of your coffee and that's nasty as hell. Also, instead of using your french vanilla creamer/powder.. replace it with heavy whipping cream. A recipe I use is coffee, 1 tbsp/14g of kerry gold butter, cinnamon, 1-2 servings of heavy whipping cream, 1 drop of stevia or half a packet (if you need it), and a chai seasoning blend or an all spice blend. I whip all those ingredients up in a blender and put it on ice.
    2. For weight loss (I believe thats what you're doing the diet for) you should 100% track your macros (75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs) and you can set this up in your My Fitness Pal app under "Goals" … "Calorie, Carbs, Protein, and Fat Goals." You should also count your calories. A food scale is always helpful and you can buy one at target for about $10.00.
    3. To help with the fatigue and weakness… make sure you're keeping your electrolytes up. You can do this by salting your food, drinking a salt flush (water and sea salt), and you can even buy MIO to add into your water (try not to have this one too much, emergencies only). Also, you can take vitamins on keto. The vitamins I take are a probiotic, multi women's vitamin, B-12 (for energy and mood), and hair/skin/nails.
    4. Cut out processed foods… A.K.A. any packaged meats or "keto desserts" for the first couple weeks. Instead, have grass fed high-fat meats. I know that you were eating turkey but turkey is not a good option since it's not fatty at all. Turkey bacon is also highly processed and not good for you in the slightest. Since you don't eat red meat, go for chicken thighs or wings, salmon, sardines, and crab.
    5. Try not to have too much zero calorie/zero sugar replacements. Even though these products (like Stevia) can help you out during a sugar craving, it's best not to have too much. They can likely run up you're valuable carbs you have for the day (like creamers). The less you consume these the less your body will want them… at least after the first couple of days.
    6. The biggest tip I have is to not waste your carbs. Only eat under 20g of net carbs of veggies. The best veggies to have on Keto are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc. because these veggies have so much fiber in them. I noticed when I incorporated 15-17g out of my 20g of carbs allowed for the day with veggies I dropped pounds over night.
    7. You have to keep up with your water intake since you will be consuming so much salt to boost your electrolytes. This will also de-bloat you even more. Try to aim for 3-4 liters or 6-8 water bottles.
    8. The more you exercise on Keto the more weight you will lose. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training cardio workouts are best instead of steady-stayed cardio… A.K.A. running at the same speed on a treadmill for an hour.
    9. Don't get discouraged because one day you can gain a pound but the next morning you can lose 3.
    10. Consistency is key. The Ketogenic Diet is not a diet where you can just have a cheat meal on the weekend…. the moment you go over your macros or eat too many carbs or even protein, you will be knocked right out of Ketosis. It can also take up to over a week to get into Ketosis. To test Ketosis (invalid but validish way) is to buy ketone strips at your grocery store. You just pee on them and they tell you what level of Ketosis you're in. The most valid way to test if you're in Ketosis is to buy a Ketone meter. Diabetics use this. You prick your finger and put your blood on a test strip and it will provide you with a number of ketones in your blood. The down side is that the meters and strips are very expensive. Ketones will also show up in your breath (stinky breath) and a white-looking tongue. This can be resolved by using a tongue scrapper and keeping up with your dental hygiene.
    11. If all fails and you're still not losing weight, try to cut out dairy.

  4. May Jesus bless you! Holy is our God, Holy is the Savior Jesus, and Holy is the Spirit…thus Holy should never be paired with a cuss word. Jesus is coming soon, be ready! Have a happy week and good health!

  5. Forget the butter in your coffee and just put heavy whipping cream in. I'm 4 lbs away from my goal and then I have to figure out how to maintain w out gaining. These last few lbs were stubborn but intermittent fasting and eating twice a day 2-3 days a week have helped.. ❤️🇺🇸

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