Keto Diet Plan For Beginners | 15 Things You MUST Know

Are you wondering how you can begin a keto diet? This video provides you with 15 tips to be successful on a ketogenic diet. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |


If you are starting keto for the first time, this is a must watch video to learn how keto can help you lose weight for good. Be sure to explore the timestamps and links below.

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// T I M E S T A M P S

01:00 Keto is not a diet. Keto is a metabolic process
01:20 How keto works at a cellular level
02:44 Can I follow keto when high cholesterol runs in the family?
03:40 Burning fat vs burning sugar
04:45 How keto reduces inflammation
05:10 Number 1: Focus on health over weight loss
06:00 Focus on these non-scale victories
06:39 Number 2: Follow the 2/2/2/2 rule
07:45 Number 3: Drink the Keto Kocktail each morning to avoid the keto flu
08:56 Number 4: Eat more protein the first 28 days.
09:58 Number 5: Eat bitter rich foods
10:35 The main reason people struggle on keto, and the role bile plays with fats
12:35 Number 6: Transition into keto slowly. How many carbs on keto? Find out here
14:00 Number 7: Don’t chase ketones, chase results
14:27 How do you test for ketones? How do you know you’re in ketosis?
15:05 Optimal blood ketone range
15:19 Optimal blood glucose range
16:12 Number 8: Consume these to help with sugar and carb cravings
17:45 Number 9: Ladies, get out of ketosis the week before your monthly period
18:55 Numbest 10: Once keto adapted, pair intermittent fasting with keto
19:47 My favorite intermittent fasting schedule
20:35 Number 11: You might feel worse before you feel better on keto (this is why)
22:02 Number 12: Clean keto vs dirty keto
22:45 This is why vegetable oils are worse than smoking cigarettes
24:00 Key foods to eat on the ketogenic diet, and keto diet menu for beginners.
24:22 Number 13: Community is KEY
26:35 Number 14: Master stress
26:40 This is how stress can kick you out of ketosis
28:38 Number 15: Do not stay in ketosis for too long
29:55 Can keto affect the thyroid hormone?
31:17 Keto resources

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  1. Hi

    I appreciate the way you explain. I am thinking about starting a keto life style however I suffer from high uric acid. How can I have a healthy keto life style while reducing uric acid levels produced from meat etc. thanks

  2. im a type 1 diabetic since the age of 9, nearly 30 years of injecting insulin. i first heard of keto around 8 months ago and i have tried to take the principles of a keto diet to reduce the amount of insulin i take and the number of injections. i was wondering in your opinion can i truly achieve true ketogenesis if i need some sort of carbs to raise my blood sugar when i get hypoglycaemia? my dietician is saying i dont eat enough carbs and i agrue with her that i feel better, am losing weight, taking less injections and lower doses of insulin; but there are days where y blood sugar is conatntly low and i need to raise it with carbs (i usually do it with fruits like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, oranges or satsumas).

  3. You should modify the intake of protein in your example. You cannot talk about grams then follow with pounds. You must convert somebody's weight in kilograms, not pounds. 150lbs = 68 kilograms, so it's 0.7 x 68 = 47.6 grams of protein. See the huge difference?

  4. love the keto diet but you sound like the sham wow guy on late night tv. Dont oversell it. It seems like you are more interested in selling products then showing people what can be obtained from the Keto diet. Not cool

  5. I have been playing at goingKeto for a few months, in process of “cleaning” my pantry and freezer in preparation for a January 1 2021 kick-off, I wanted to arm myself with as much knowledge so I could do it right. This video has filled me with so much, I feel armed and dangerous! I am entering my 75 year of life, hold down a full time job and I want to go keto to improve my life, if weight loss happens that will be an added benefit but I am not about that primarily. You have spelled out the keto program so simply that I can start in Jan without any qualms. Thankx!,

  6. Omg you are my " ROCKSTAR". I have on keto for couple of months but confused watching keto on youtube. Sometimes fasting, sometimes 16 8 thank 18-6 than 20 4 fasting but I'm on good path with you. But you have made it clear and easy step by step. A big thank you.

  7. Hi Keto Kamp, I am currently living a keto lifestyle and 22/2 or 20/4 intermittent fasting. Does the drinking of the Keto kocktail break my fast if I drink it in the morning. I normally only break my fast in the late afternoon.

  8. OK, I want to do this. So I joined a "Beginning Keto" group on FB, not much help for a beginner. So I hit YouTube, way to many videos, to many video had to long of an introduction. BUT…… Not this one. This was great. Straight to the point. My biggest take a way, start slow, don't go cold turkey. I'm about 300 #, maybe more. I'm afraid to weigh my self. The good thing, I'm in perfect health (right now) 61 years old, sugar good, cholesterol, heart good, etc. Dr. say I'm great, but to fat. I'm a local truck driver that don't eat right, drink 2 gallons of Mt. Dew a day, I eat mostly out of Boredom. But I think I can do this. You broke it down, so it looks do-able. Thank you. P.S. I have no gallbladder, (so I will watch that next) you are the first person to mention that. Also, I only have 1 kidney , (I donated the other) is that going to be a problem with keto? Thanks for all the FREE information, and resources.

  9. thank you so so much for the scale information. Recently I was becoming quite upset , getting to the point of "clearly Keto doesn't work for me" because the number wasn't changing or worse… looking like I was putting on weight, even though my body doesn't look too different and my clothes fit fine. I am early days into it again after I made rookie errors like still buying low fat foods. Great video, very informative .

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