Keto Diet or Low Carb Diet | Fat Loss Motivation

#KetoDiet or Low Carb Diet | Fat Loss Motivation, A motivational Video by #SavikarBhardwaj
Learn the basics and pros and cons of Keto diet.
PCOD/PCOS ka Ayurvedic Solution | #FatLoss Motivation by #SavikarBhardwaj #PCOD

Sara Ali Khan’s Fat Loss Secret a #motivational video by #SavikarBhardwaj #SaraAliKhan
Bollywood Secret of Fat Loss a #motivational video by #SavikarBhardwaj #weightloss
Savikar has lost 12.5Kgs in 2 months of time and has discovered the practical and implacable tips for you.
If you follow my tips religiously no one can stop of loosing weight
my tips are :
1. Chew the food for at least 32 times.
2. Take Small Bites of Food always.
3. Take at least 30 minutes to finish the food.
4. One day in week eat regular food without salt.
In addition to this if u drink Organic Green Tea 1 hour after every meal u will get super results.

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You can surely loss weight if u listen carefully.
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Weight Loss Motivation
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For diet plan u can take suggestions from us @7988289469 only whatsapp ur height, weight, gender, and age.

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Video by #SavikarBhardwaj a motivational speaker.
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  1. You are absolutely wrong keto diet is very much practical to follow for long run. Dietitians and nutritionists; diabetic care units ; nephrologists and others also recommend keto diet for reversal of many health issues. Fatty liver is one the biggest problem and it's been working.

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