KETO DIET MEAL PLAN AND RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS | How To Start Keto & Intermittent Fast | Rosa Charice

KETO DIET MEAL PLAN AND RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS | How To Start Keto & Intermittent Fast | Rosa Charice

KETO DIET MEAL PLAN AND RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS | How To Start Keto & Intermittent Fast | Rosa Charice


I went on a weight loss journey where I lost a total of 130 pounds by following the keto diet and intermittent fasting. Today is the launch of my official keto meal plan for beginners.This weight loss course and 7 day keto meal plan has my routine on what I did to lose weight along with the EXACT recipes I used on the keto diet that allowed me to lose 100 pounds in 4 months. I’m so excited to be sharing it with you so you can start your own weight loss journey.





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My name is Rosa. I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur trying to own and run a successful business. I lost over 100 pounds and I am here telling my story . After going through a traumatic car accident which encouraged me to lose 130 lbs to help my injuries , I decided to start helping others with my experiences. I lost 100LBS on keto then transitioned to veganism , where I lost an additional 30LBS . I am passionate about health, fitness , and business. I help people try to become their best selves through unlocking the power that’s already within us . I want to help people improve their life and self care , which helps others exert their full potential. I coach , market, manage and make YouTube/ social media content as just some forms of work or me . Thank you for all the love and support . I’m just sharing my stories in order to help others. Let’s keep growing our garden , my roses.


I am not a professional nor am I a doctor. I speak from years of experience and education. I ONLY speak from my experience . I am not responsible for any misuse of information. Try at your OWN risk.

FTC DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links in which I do receive a small commission. However , the links above are products I use in my life daily and items I would personally recommend.

Any pictures or videos used that I do not own are used solely for educational purposes.


  1. Hi everyone! I finally launched my keto meal plan and weight loss course to help you all with your journeys! I tried to make this video very simple. I’m so excited to be teaching you on how to improve your life and health. See you all there! ♥️💕

  2. Hello. Thanks for posting. I have to lose some weight, and was told by my doctor to follow keto practices, and I will lose weight. So putting up recipes is a huge help to me. Thank you again for posting

  3. I started my egg fast today and I'm doing OMAD, So I made all 6eggs together with the butter and 6oz of cheese….and OMG it was way too cheesy and I love cheese, but this was the most! I only ate half because it made me feel sick 😢

  4. Hi I have a few questions!
    1.) how long do you have to do the egg diet in order to reach ketosis?
    2.) At what time would you eat your first meal during Keto OMAD?
    3.) what kind of exercise is recommended? And for how long?

  5. ❌ Looking at your food it reminds when I was so over weight I was 264lbs /120kg But 6 months later o lost all that weight now I’m 163lbs. I just want to encourage any one trying to lose weight we have the power to heal yourself. We are in control of your life. Chase your dreams while we still can we never know what the outcome may be. We only have one life in this physical body might as well make the best of it. So I’m so glad to see this delicious healthy food 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  6. I noticed you used french vanilla flavored coffee. Is that allowed while you are fasting or just after you break your fast? I’m not a fan of black coffee… i’m more of a vanilla latte or caramel macchiato drinker. However, I stopped due to the empty calories.

  7. Girl your so beautiful and thank you for putting out this videos cause I’m definitely trying to get healthy but Hi I’m a new YouTuber 2heartsas1 is my channel and I would greatly appreciate some feedback and subscribe and I’ll do the same thanks

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