Keto Diet for Beginners – How to Start + Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Keto Diet for Beginners - How to Start + Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Here’s a step by step guide on how to start the keto diet for beginners. We talk all about how to start the keto diet, our keto diet meal plan, and everything else that you need to know to get started.

Over the next four weeks, we will be hitting the ketogenic diet hard before we head on our first cruise. Be sure to follow along on our weekly updates because we will be sharing all of our progress and meal plans!

Keto Macro Calculator:

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  1. Just go vegan it’s that simple
    You need carbs! You get protein from plants
    Eating animal and dairy eggs your just filling your body with saturated fat and cholesterol and you putting a load of suffering in your body go vegan for your health the animals and the planet wake up world !! The only way of life is vegan it’s healthy and the most ethical watch the documentary’s and the slaughter house videos then. See if you wanna eat your animal protein!!

  2. There has been a 2yr study done on keto by a dr who had a group of patients that needed help in varying degrees. One of his patients was on 120 units of insulin and was morbidly obese. He lost all his excess fat and came off the insulin. My aunt also has come off her insulin. I must stress that this has been done in conjunction with her dr. I believe in keto. Ive seen the results

  3. Thanks so much for this! Very informative! I enjoy your videos so much! You're the sweetest couple, and I love the variety of videos you do! I'm looking forward to seeing your videos about what meals you eat on keto, and shopping lists!

  4. Sucks for me im soo used to caramel flavored coffee, so i do 1tbs kerrygold,1tbs coconut oil, 2 tsp caramel syrup(7g carbs), like 3-4 tbs heavy cream. Sometimes an almond milk caramel creamer with 4-5 net carbs, i just saw an almond milk creamer with 2 carbs but it being too thin ends up taating weird. Idk if ill test it out cuz its 4.99.

  5. I just started keto back in September. Doing it with I.F. I LOVE it. And I'm down almost 30 lbs! I've watched any gotten a lot of info from 3 other sources as well if you're interested:
    Dr. Berg
    Headbangers Kitchen
    Dr. Ken Berry
    Good luck you guys and Happy Ketoing!!

  6. Guys I study nutrition and recently this diet was named one of the worst diets out there that will kill people. Ketone bodies are toxic and can cause long term kidney and liver damage. If you want to lose weight then eat a legitimately balanced diet, have a calorie deficit and work out. Diets like these are going to have serious long term health consequences

  7. I have done the keto diet in the past. I did a urine stick test every morning to make sure i was still in ketosis because u eat one off thing and you throw your body out of ketosis. I dont think it is healthy long term, stressful on the kidneys and I don't think the high fat diet is good for the heart. But it does help with quick weightloss. The downside is that it is easy to gain the weight back plus more.

  8. Thanks One big happy life. Was just thinking earlier today how can I meal prep and what kind of diet or meal plan I could follow to help me lose weight due to the fact that I live alone. I really don't cook that much I tend to eat out and have become great at budgeting where I can eat for less than $10. Thanks for all your advice love you guys!

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