Keto Diet Easy Recipes and Top Mistakes

Keto Diet Easy Recipes and Top Mistakes

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The keto diet has been buzzing the past few years, but how does it really work? We explain what the keto diet is and show you a few recipes you can try!

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  1. I feel this video is all over the place and misleading.

    Keto is short for ketosis. When the body is in this metabolic state, it's high noon when it comes to burning fat 24/7. To maintain this state, you need to keep your carbs intake as low as nescessary as to how your body responds to carbs, as well as keep your fat intake high and protein intake moderate. Some may eat more, some may eat less when it comes to carbs. And do stay away from the trans fats and processed food in general. Keep it clean, whole and real food. Ketosis is always the target. This is because the body simply loves being in ketosis. It is the preferred and naturalistic default state for the body to be in. It seems as due to the latest research that ketosis fixes close to all issues of the body, or the body is able to do so while in ketosis. The regulation of hormones, cells and bacteria is paramount for the optimalization of the body, and ketosis is the most efficient state we know of for this purpose.

    What you're advocating Erwan is the calorie in-calorie out model. Which has been proven to never truly work in the long run. Not even with the most disciplined individuals. What actually does work, is intermittent fasting together with Keto OMAD (one meal a day). Then you won't ever need count calories again, because it is not really about the amount of calories at all, but WHICH calories to eat. And the better the body gets fat adapted, the easier it is to both stay in ketosis, and regain ketosis whenever you fall out of it. Much ado about all of this, and still much to learn for all of us. But please, discard the in and out model, it is simply false.

  2. I'm gonna try all of this recipe 😊

    Been in keto diet for almost 4 months and I have lost 12 kilos , I have done a lot of research before and during I'm taking this kind of diet. Because of keto diet I learned how to check nutrition facts , checking macros and calorie count

    I'll keep this type of diet 😊
    I truly recommend that you get your personal custom keto diet here :

    Voy a probar toda esta receta 😊

    Llevo casi 4 meses en la dieta cetogénica y he perdido 12 kilos, he investigado mucho antes y durante este tipo de dieta. Gracias a la dieta ceto, aprendí a verificar la información nutricional, a verificar las macros y el recuento de calorías.

    Mantendré este tipo de dieta 😊

  3. Been with Keto for 2 weeks – been eating Eggs, Bacon, Butter, Avocado, and Tuna in Oil – and lost 4 kg. The first 3 days was really a struggle due to the Keto Flu. I’ve really experienced fatigue at work (like I have never slept for a day) and brain fog since my body was just starting to adjust from the deprived and very low Carbohydrates. But was worth it in the succeeding days.

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  5. Alcohol is very much acceptable on the keto diet, so long as it is in moderation and the alcohol being consumed is carb/sugar free liquor (i.e. vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, etc.). Also some hard seltzers are acceptable since they are so low in carbs/sugar, but obviously the hard stuff is better. Check your facts before you make a blanket statement like that.

  6. I started Keto along with intermittent fasting three days ago and ready to go a long way ! I used to crave really badly all sorts of cereals (rice, pasta and of course breakfast cereals) and restricting them was really hard for me. Not consuming them at all might be the answer for me ! can't wait to see the results ! I am just a little worried about how much fat I can consume, I am scared to overdo and have too much ! anyways, I want to loose 5 kg and I will loose them !

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