Keto Diet Complete Information in Hindi | Do we really need to eat carbs?

Keto Diet Complete Information in Hindi | Do we really need to eat carbs?

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The Ketogenic aka Keto Diet has been trending in the fitness community from a while. It is basically an
extremely low carbohydrate diet. A person on a keto diet will be consuming merely 30-80 carbs per day. The advocates of this diet proclaim it to be an advance diet for boosting fat loss. But does the keto diet really live up to its hype?

In this video we will be scientifically breaking down everything you need about the ketogenic
* Nutrition Basics
* What is it?
* How it works?
* Is it superior to other diets? (Breaking the Bubble)

Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach & Nutritionist. This channel aims to educate the all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily.

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  1. Bro yeh sab to Bata diya par Apne Sabse important chiz to bataiye hi nhi (insulin )
    In the presence of little bit of your body cannot burn fat but i may cause, loss of water weight infact most of the dieter only lose water weight and feels that they lose fat .
    And one of the important tool to keep insulin low is high amount of fat because fats does not buffer insulin
    Ap yeh kehna Chate ho ki carbs Khao jise insulin badega
    Lekin insulin ki fikar mat karo phle bhi keh Chuka hu in the presence of little bit of insulin body is unable to use its own fat dr's said this.
    This whole thing's works for a teenager aur male under 30 but this doesn't make any sense to a women who is in his 30's or above
    A combination of IF and keto will greatly inhance the hormone to works it's optimum level .
    Aur bhaiya weight gain koi caloric signal nahi hota yeh ek hormonal signal hota ap khud socho ki hum sab ki mummy bhi zyada nahi khati Apne maintenance se Kam hi khati hai toh bhi wo fat gain Karti jati hai year by year because of tension which increases hormone cortisol which leads to fat gain.
    India me jitne bhi YouTubers hai unko training ke bareme toh sab kuch pata hai aur unko bas apni body ke nutrition ki knowledge hai unko lagta hai jo mujko suit karta hai wo sabko suit karna chahiye .
    The end thanku for reading this
    Jai Hind

  2. Bakvas,,,,जब लोग जंगल मे रहते थे तब सिर्फ हाई फैट यानी जानवर मार के खाते थे,,,,lean और musles होती तो उनकी,,,,भगवान ने हमारी बाडी को इस तरह बनाया है,,,,,हम लोगो ने कार्ब पैदा किया आसानी से इनर्जी लेने के,लिए,,,,,,लोग 2 साल से keto कर रहै अभी तक तो कोई नही मारा

  3. Bro strength building program soon I'm been asking shreyaas , ralston but no one is responding even though I live in the same city where they live please bro I need to work on my strength , powerlifting movement do make a video on this 😢😢😢😢 but anyways love your entire inspireighn👍👍👍👍

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