Keto Diet: 7 Dangers You Should Know About | Deep Dives | Health

Keto Diet: 7 Dangers You Should Know About | Deep Dives | Health

The ketogenic diet, also known as the “keto diet” or just “keto,” has become a popular weight-loss diet plan. It’s been touted by celebrities and influencers, but did you know it can be potentially dangerous to your health? Here are 7 dangers you should know about before starting this controversial diet.

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  1. I started at 423 now im down 96lbs in 10 months eating whatever I want within keto while sitting on my ass. Good luck losing weight eating whatever you want on veganism while not exercising. I've tried every other diet and keto is the ONLY diet that you can EAT UNTIL FULL, STAY FULL, NOT EXERCISE and make a meal using only 2 ingredients. Good luck being hungry in 2 -4 hours on veganism, and making a meal that tastes good with 2 non pre-made ingredients. There fore KETO is more sustainable as its more convenient.

  2. When I went KETO I had lethargy for a few weeks ( keto flu) and then got much better once I'd adjusted. In fact, my mile run time dropped by 2 minutes – my metabolic issues vastly improved. I definitely wouldn't call it a "DANGER" for Pete's sake. Also, I have never experienced keto diarrhea from this diet and I eat very little fiber.

  3. Danger #1 Bullshit and this lady is wrong, changing your diet always has adverse side effects due to people having sugar withdrawals usually, beat the keto-flu by maintaining minerals.
    Danger #2 bullshit, most people actually eat more veggies on the keto diet if done properly doing clean keto
    Danger #3 loss of athletic performance is temporary
    Danger #4 really…scare tactics at their best.
    Danger #5 same as most diets, although Keto is a gateway to Mediterranean diet.
    Danger#6 all diets have issues with regaining weight, that's why keto is gateway to Mediterranean diet
    Danger#7 always a study out there saying something is bad
    Takeaway there is Dirty Keto which most start with then overtime switch to hybrid dirty/clean Keto. Clean Keto is the goal which is a very healthy diet. Then you can move to the Mediterranean diet easily.

  4. There has NEVER been a study that definitively shows dietary cholesterol is bad for you. Nina Teicholz “The Big Fat Surprise” sheds light on this. Other esteemed professionals who can teach you how to do Keto correctly and safely: Dr Fung, Dr Berg, Dr Bret Scher, Dr Boz, Dr Pelz, Dr Kinney, Dr Berry…notice a theme? All medical professionals who have clinically tried and tested ketogenic diet for their patients with tremendous success.

  5. The worst thing that you can do to your body is to yoyo: keep on losing and regaining weight. It is a part of the reason why people who lose weight in the middle age, do die early (on average). I can see how high protein diet can balance slightly, but significantly, higher cholesterol by providing more vitamin B12 (prevents blood clots) from animal protein. And I do not see how fat will balance the higher cholesterol. It will not. Moreover, even the high protein diet may lead to cardiovascular problems once you start getting really old and your body does not work as it did when you were younger.

  6. This is just a puff piece for Pura Vida. There is nothing remotely dangerous about the Keto diet.

    Heart disease and Diabetes get REVERSED on the Keto diet because insulin is not being spiked (which our friendly narrator doesn't bother to mention).

    Cholesterol is a neccessary part of our diet – if we don't eat it then our bodies synthesize it. Every single one of our cells needs cholesterol.

    The study the our Friendly Narrator cited is purely anecdotal and is not peer-reviewed evidence. This link was the only things I could find on it.
    The professor who came up with this doesn't want people to do Keto because then he won't be able to sell the drugs he is designing. Also, this happened in 2018.

    The Lancet study that our Friendly Narrator refers to you can find here:
    It was conducted between 1987-1989 – The peak of the Low-Fat craze.

    All in all, this video by Health Magazine is weak, dated and shallow. They don't give a shit wether or not you're doing Keto. In fact – here is a video where Health Magazine LOVE the Keto Diet:

    If you really want peer-reviewed scientific evidence that supports a low-carb/Ketogenic diet being beneficial, I recommend checking out Dr. Paul Mason's YouTube:

  7. 1. Keto flu might last a couple days… don't care, it's only once and most of us never experienced it. 2. Eat fiber, not difficult 3. Athletic performance reduced… yes if you don't eat enough fats 4. Ketoacidosis only happens when you don’t have enough insulin in your body to process high levels of glucose in the blood, as in some people with Diabetes… if you have Diabetes and want to do Keto, just monitor your glucose as normal. 5. Weight loss with Keto… you lose the weight, then to maintain or lose more, you flex back into a glyco diet and then back to Keto. 6. Muscle loss is possible… if you are doing extreme intermittent fasting all the time… never known anyone to do it like that. 7. Video maker has no idea that INCREASING fats is what you do on Keto… yes increase the bacon, increase the butter… stay away from margarines and vegetable oils… glyco diets will lead to increased fat, fatty liver, insulin resistance, up and down weight, and a host of inflammatory disease problems… not Keto.

  8. Not much scientific info … keto supporters give so much real science … its lie fat crap we have been told to eat for 50yrs and look where thats got us pur food os poisoned its sugar and chemicals ! Id rather be keto sick than any ither diet sick!!

  9. Dangers is really a strong word for Keto. Many of these things are wrong or exaggerated.

    7 of the things wrong with this video are the following: #1 It is not a high protein diet, it is moderate protein. #2 The Keto flu is basically a detox from sugar, and it is not really bad for you. #3 If you are doing it right, you get plenty of fiber from greens and vegetables. #4 Athletic performance does not go down. You are no longer relying on carbs, so there is no "bonking." #5 The risk of Ketoacidosis is virtually non existent for healthy people. This is an life-threatening issue for people with type 1 diabetes. Even the "expert" says it is really rare. #6 This doesn't have to be a long term diet to be effective. Lowering carbs is healthy for most people and this diet is a great start. #7 Studies have shown that this is one of the few diets that muscle loss isn't a big issue. Because keto burns fat, not glucose, so your body does not break down muscle for calories. #7 Cholesterol is formed in the liver, using sugar (carbs), not dietary cholesterol. Your brain actually needs cholesterol. Eating grass fed animal products is the key.
    I am guessing that Health Magazine has many sponsors that promote packaged, ultra processed foods that would not be eaten by anyone on Keto, so they are letting us know the DANGERS, so that we can keep buying SAD American food and become sick and poor so that the food and drug companies can become richer.

  10. Sorry, but after years of dieting & exercising, Keto was what finally helped me lose about 150 pounds. I haven't been sick in years, I have more energy, my skin looks amazing, my nails are long & strong….I just feel GOOD! I'm never hungry because I can always grab SOMETHING…nuts, meat, cheese, eggs, etc….and not worry. However, I will say that no, you NEVER stop missing carbs & sugar.

  11. This sounds a LOT like making yourself sick!!!!! If your diet has a list of side effects that include – bodily shock = flu, acidic blood, increase in disease and possible death – that isn't a diet, that is a HEALTH RISK!!! Being obsessive in consumption could be a problem, everything in moderation is NOT bad for anyone.

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