Keto Day 1 – Full Day of Eating

Keto Day 1  - Full Day of Eating

Keto Day 1 – Full Day of Eating Low Carb Ketogenic Diet meals and snacks –

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  1. I'm usually a one big meal a day person. I had been eating quite a bunch of junk food to. This is my first day on the keto. I've had my one meal without junk food. I'm kinda missing it but I'm going to try an stick it out. I'll probably have two meals tomorrow, breakfast and dinner. I just don't have time for three meals a day…

  2. Just wanted to tell you that I tried your steak with mushroom sauce recipe prepared in a previous video and it was delish! I picked up a half sirloin with cracked pepper seasoning so the sauce was supper yummy. Thanks for the yummy inspiration as well as today's video!

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