KETO: 11 SIMPLE Tips for Major Weight Loss

Hey, Folks!

Let’s talk about losing weight with little effort! Here are eleven simple tips and tricks that you can use to lose major weight on Keto (or most diets, really!)

Keto and Calories:

How to Meal Plan Like a Pro:






  1. What u said is very practical, not the extreme methods suggested by many other ppl. I tried and stopped becoz i feel that's too much altho i see results quick. Subscribed and thumbs up to u!

  2. “It pretty much applies to most diets that aren’t non-meat diets.” That’s really what these tips are, not keto at all. But good for her she looks awesome and she’s lost weight in a very healthy way!

  3. Drinking water is hard, but very necessary for low carb eating. I like to use a stainless Steele travel mug or water bottle and only use it for my plain drinking water. Tastes better to me, so I drink more. If I get tired of drinking plain water I will add a splash of cranberry juice but not in my Steele mug. At night I like to have a cup of plain hot water, no tea, just plain water, very soothing.

  4. Great video and you look awesome! My personal tip is to try no dairy ( if you are stalling) some people can still lose weight while eating cheese but it was the contributing negative factor for me. Thank you for the tips and congratulations on your success! ♥️

  5. Hi I started buying ketones so expensive £140 for just 20 but my body would just not go into ketosis on it’s own and iam on 20g carbs a day and iam not loosening at all give up so much but I got the signs like awfull breath and feeling cold why iam I not loosing feel so disappointed everyone’s doing so well except for me

  6. I just try to keep carbs under 15-20 Grams. I like baked potato which is ~37 grams.. so I eat half 18 g! I'm not a big eater anyway.. so it's pretty simple to eat some meat and cut the carbs in half — SNACKS like pork rinds, slim jim style sticks. Also let your stomach (which some scientists say is part brain) — Get a but used to being a bit hungry.. then it will start getting used to using fat for energy. I don't use drugs but imagine being a heroin addict and then you switch to cigs, and then switch to chocolate.. Cut out carbs, cut out starchy foods, start eating less.. do just a tiny bit of core exercise and you will be on your WAY !

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  8. Think the high healthy fat not so much protein is better when first starting keto. I tried two years ago and crashed and burned. This year I'm doing better because I'm no processed foods, low carbs and high healthy fats.

  9. 😭 somebody give my 8 weeks old the memo: I need to go to bed in the evening to avoid late night cravings…😪🤧
    I'm making the best out of keto. But honestly its hard with a newborn.

  10. I started my weight loss journey in August and I am three months in and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I started at 175 and currently I am at 152 pounds. I wanted to lose another 20 lbs in 2 month. I am also taking a supplement to help along the way, it’s called Vanguard Formulas, Google it, it might also help you. Just gotta keep on reaching for your goal!

  11. I became so delighted to try the diet program , Yamzoko Weebly (sⓔarch Gⓞ ⓞgle to get it). My eating routine and also my frequency of several workouts was not modified as well as change. More than a period of a month, I lost about 6 lbs. The tactic has let me ate lesser and getting full is a lot quicker.

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