Is The Keto Diet Worth It For Cyclists? | Ketosis & Cycling Part 3

Is The Keto Diet Worth It For Cyclists? | Ketosis & Cycling Part 3

After spending a month on the ketogenic diet, with long bike rides and intervals thrown in, Jeremy sat down to analyse whether or not it works for cyclists. A big thank you to Brianna Stubbs, Zach Bitter and Nigel Mitchell for their incredible insight into how ketones can be used in sport.

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  1. I have been dabbling in this since 2010 and have ridden all rides fasted with water only since about 2015. Average ride between 40 and 80 miles at 150 watts, group riding. I have slowly changed over the years to the point that on average now I will start a ride at about .1 mmol/L ketones with 90 mg/dL glucose and finish a longer ride at about .75 mmol/L ketones with 60 mg/dL glucose with no shift in power output or effort on the ride. That means that I have adapted to no carb riding over time. Nobody ever believed me so I have stopped talking about it. I am not a keto person off the bike except when I am trying to bring my weight down. With a little healthy salt and some water on the bike I think I could ride at 150 watts forever since I have at least 20 pounds of reserve fat. I could ride forever also because I ride a performance two-wheel recumbent and even after a 100-miler nothing hurts and the ketones just keep on giving. Always a blast.

  2. Brianna Stubbs follows brilliant experts, and brought the conversation to another level. Respectfully gentleman, MORE Brianna Stubbs videos please GCN. And J.P. this is awesome. Your efforts are amazing. Three very informative videos later, on otherwise complicated stuff, Thanks Man for giving a fuck about these videos and for doing the research, the work, and for putting the personal effort into making complicated science, controversial opinions, and convoluted conversations, into something that is both simple, and unquestionably true. Outstanding work JP 🖐️

  3. 1. Background music was like being in a video game, but unable to turn it off… 2. The role of Protein (amount, timing, sources etc) was not covered, yet it is the second biggest macro nutrient in the diet. 3. This is good info, but I reckon most people watching are not elite athletes with nutritionists, team chefs, 7 days a week training support… club athletes, weekend warriors and people with jobs, families etc cannot always dedicate every hour / day, for years, to the pursuit of sporting records… practical strategies for ordinary people are needed…

  4. When the food pictures are shown, I'm seeing the majority of the sources as high protein (fish, eggs, bacon, cheese, yogurt). Animal proteins always contain some fats. I'm just confused when people refer to this diet as high fat, rather than low carb, high protein. You eat/fuel to feed performance. Not to control weight. No endurance athlete needs to worry about weight. They need to concentrate on having the energy to train and then to race. I doubt anybody that strictly enforces this keto diet will ever be a top racer, unless the field is restricted to keto.

  5. While I agree the music was too loud, I disagree that it was such a big deal. I had absolutely no issue hearing anyone or understanding what they said. I suspect many of the people who are overreacting to the music had some combination of a bad day, are cutting weight, or perhaps have some mental disorder such as ADD or autism.

    In other words – chill out bro and go for a ride.

  6. I love the job Jeremy Powers did with this subject ……. except for one thing. In the analysis and wrap up, there was a bias towards viewing this from the perspective of elite athletes. We know that elites have to consider things differently than typical exercisers. But how many elite athletes are using GCN to get their program advice? It's the typical average weekend warrior or dieter that is tuning in to GCN for insights. There pro and con list and analysis should have been geared towards the viewer- not toward an elite that has to worry about a 15 minute maximal effort at the end of 5 hours of a racing.

  7. Where's the high carb promoting doctors or nutritionists on this? All of the so called experiments so far seem to be 100% biased towards Ketosis and even eating nuts that have carbs in them and claiming to be riding in ketosis etc. Eating moderate carb meals and claiming to be high carb, tbh to be fair to the experiment a high carb meal would of been fruit, white rice, , potatoes, sugar etc.

  8. There is no such thing as body decides what to use. There isn’t any organ in your body that can control what oxygen does. Oxygen will oxidize whatever finds first in your blood, carbs or ketones. But in the time period when your glycogen level goes very low, and there’s no ketones either, oxygen will oxidize proteins. That’s why you lose weight fast with ketogenic diets. You are actually losing muscle and putting on fat.

  9. High-fat diets are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. A potential underlying mechanism for the increased cardiovascular risk is endothelial dysfunction. Nitric oxide (NO)-mediated endothelium-dependent vasodilation is critical in the regulation of vascular tone and overall vascular health

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