How to spot the KETO DIET PILL SCAM [PART 3]

How to spot the KETO DIET PILL SCAM  [PART 3]


In our first Youtube video of this series, we discussed the shocking connection between the “biggest deal in Shark Tank history” and the Instagram user Sarah.Standford. These two seemingly unrelated topics shared a common thread: they were both keto diet scams with elaborate backstories cooked up by a diet pill company to scam hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting people.

In this third (and hopefully final) shark tank keto pill video, we discuss the latest incarnation of this scam and how to spot future keto scams. Help us take action and get the word out. Report these fake accounts with photoshopped or stolen images. Share this Youtube video, article, or any other pertinent information to friends and family to help prevent more people from falling for this scam.

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  1. This vid went around and around saying repeating it's self to great length. I think a better use of 15 minutes and 20 seconds for this video would have been to have spent 2 minutes to say that ALL "Keto" pills are fraudulent advertising and then spend the remaining 13 minutes explaining what Keto actually is and that It is not a diet and cannot be found in a pill. The remaining 20 seconds could simply be a shot of Chelsea's smile.

  2. I didn't see this Instagram page, I'm just intrigued by the keto diet in general. Lately, I've been seeing "keto pills" on sites lately.
    I see keto pills posted on Walmart's but wonder if they are actually legit or just scam pills as well.
    The whole idea of a "keto pill" seems unlikely seeing as ketosis is based off your ability to eat as few carbs as possible.

  3. wanna know what i said less than 4 minutes into this? right after i heard sarah i “YOURE FUCKING KIDDING??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???” because you know fucking why??? I JUST FUCKING BOUGHT THESE SARAH JOHNSON FUCKING PILLS IM GONNA LOSE MY FUCKING MINDDDD

  4. I’m glad I’m here!! I stoped believe in taking pills to lose weight two years ago and today I saw Sarah things and I got so interesting and wanting to try! I did research on google and they have a few articles that saying it’s good etc. but I’m not satisfied with the answer so here am I and I’m glad I came across your video!!

  5. The Sarah story thing is still going on!! It’s made it’s way to Snapchat ads. I clicked on it because the ad was very vague and I kept getting it. It said the same thing you guys are describing. The article was soooo long telling Sarah’s story and when you clicked the link to purchase, the website looks super sketchy. It was also sketchy because the only way to pay was to put in your card information, no PayPal, cashapp, Apple Pay, etc. basically no way to pay safely. Be careful where you shop online!

  6. I saw the Sarah one yesterday and I was tired so I didn’t do any research. I put my name, number and address for the pill. They called me today and it was fishy, I never gave them any card information but can they do anything else with my other information?

  7. I watched both of your first videos about this. I believe they are doing the same kind of thing with one called Keto 360 slim. It is basically the same story about Shark Tank but the story is in Spanish. A family member sent me the link on a text and I read through it and didn't want to click the link. I copied it and went to Google to search it. It is supposedly a newspaper or magazine website with the story but if you try to get articles about this same story you won't find it. I ran from that web story as fast as I could and came to YouTube to research more and sent it to my family member. All the stories either in English or Spanish look sketchy. Thank you for making these videos to help so many people.

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