How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

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This video will serve as a complete guide to those wanting to begin a keto diet, or are looking for a refresher on how to properly do a keto diet!

Everything that will be covered within this video (time stamps):

5:15 – What is a keto diet + the benefits of a keto diet
6:26 – What keto is NOT; debunking keto fallacies (ketoacidosis, paleo, all animal protein, etc.); keto & muscle sparing; keto sustainability (metabolic rate); keto & therapeutics (brain)
9:45 – What is fat adaptation (ketones vs glucose)
12:07 – How to prepare to begin a keto diet
15:03 – Caffeine on keto
16:19 – First steps
18:13 – “Keto flu” explained + electrolytes
20:27 – How to workout on keto
24:00 – Keto & cholesterol
26:07 – Net carbs & fiber (soluble vs insoluble)
27:30 – Keto coffee
29:10 – How to measure your ketone levels
30:22 – Sweeteners on keto
32:21 – Meal timing
33:19 – Best vegetables on keto
34:01 – Drinking on keto
35:19 – BCAAs & Whey on Keto
36:26 – Fruit on keto
37:43 – Best & Worst Fats
40:54 – Will too much protein kick you out of keto?
42:35 – Supplements to take & tips & tricks to enhance keto

Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!



  1. RELAUNCHING this video since YouTube deleted the original with 5 Million + views. Thank you all for your support in getting this video back up again!! IF YOU HAVE BEEN POSITIVELY IMPACTED BY THIS VIDEO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this video it has helped me to understand the KETO diet. I am 58 years old and I have over 100 pounds to lose. I am preparing to start the KETO diet and wondered how many calories I should focus on? Is there an app like Noom that will help me keep track of my macros? I really need help with this I gained this weight recycling my life and recently finished a masters degree and am needing to lose the weight gained as I sat in front of a computer for hours every day to complete my degree I am working but now I am afraid my health will continue to get worse if I do not change. Any information for helping me stay on track would be greatly appreciated. I have bought so many books and apps and nothing has been very helpful. Please help.

  3. I have a question being a type one diabetic trying on keto. If I am to inject insulin to correct my bloodsugar if it gets a little high from workingout/eating protein since I will be eating less than 20G of carbs and my sugar sometimes gets a little higher while working out. Will this break ketosis and I have to start over?

  4. Wow!! Thank you, that was a lot to unpack, and since you are in such good shape, you probably didn't get worn out. That was one of the clearest videos I have heard on Keto. I am definitely a new subscriber. Thanks again for giving freely!

  5. Thomas thank you for your video’s they are very helpful! I have been on it for a week so far and weighed myself this morning and I’m up 2 pounds!! I don’t understand?. Please help why? Feeling disappointed..but sticking with it!

  6. this guy spoke 46 minutes 38 seconds without break.Oh My God.I appreciate him his provided information about keto diet is owesome ..I got all things abour keto diet just in one video.An interesting thing is that I didn't get bored while listening him almost 47 minutes,otherwise I don't watch long video..💖

  7. This information from TD, was the most complete and informative that helped me to lose 60 pounds on Keto 3 years ago. There is a lot of good information, but sticking to the basics of this video will work. I am starting again and will implement the same basics TD lays out.

  8. I heard that if you DON'T eat your body will start eating your MUSCLES instead of your fats, so I am afraid to do the interment fasting because of that i DON'T have a problem fasting at all but I do have strange hours and will that mess with my losing weight, I get up at noon and then go to bed around 4-5 pm SO if that was the case you start your intermittent fasting at the time that you STOP eating at night or morning for me so I would start eating at 8 pm correct? Thank you so much you are the BEST person so far that really EXPLAINED EVERYTHING so well, and I have subscribed you ! But its going to be very HARD to go off of frozen blueberries or frozen pomogranates every NIGHT because I just LOVE my fruit! LOL I did do the WARRIORMADE diet for the first 2 weeks and I did lose 5 pds in 4 days the first week, doing shakes and healthy meal at dinner and hot shots lol

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