How to Build Muscle on a KETOGENIC Diet

How to Build Muscle on a KETOGENIC Diet

How well does the body build muscle while on the Ketogenic Diet? A great question to ask for sure… so we brought in Danny Vega @ketocounterculture who is a KETO EXPERT.

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The Ketogenic Diet has gotten A LOT of attention in recent years and for good reason… people aren’t sure what to make of it. Eat HIGH Fat, MODERATE Protein and LOW Carbohydrates and you’ll be okay?? Really?? What about vegetables? What about fruits? What about fiber? What about keeping your muscle mass or trying to GAIN muscle while on Keto?

There are lots of really good questions that need to be answered and Danny talks about them briefly in this video but be on the lookout in the coming weeks for our amazing podcast that was over an hour long and filled with Danny’s KETO knowledge.

Here is some of what he said…

I have a big focus now especially recently on real food Keto you know like let’s do real quality. Let’s have the same mentality that we had with paleo with the quality of food. What happens with Keto sometimes is that people get so focused on lowering the carbs that they forget that they’re like consuming like 5000 sugar alcohols and having that much fiber.

And they’re killing their gut they’re destroying their gut. You know like the good here the poops and they got you know and so the reason why we don’t really do the vegetables will do low sugar fruit. So first let me start with meat.

The reason why is meat is like the very pretty complete when it comes to stuff there’s a few things vitamin C which the USDA basically didn’t even measure the vitamin C of meat. They just assumed it’s zero, so they put it at zero. So, you’re supposed to the RDA is the recommended daily allowances. They were supposed to have a thousand vitamin C and if you don’t have enough vitamin C you can get scurvy. Right. Right.

The problem is that carbohydrates and vitamin C compete for the same receptors. So, when you eat lots of carbohydrates you need to have lots of vitamin C so like you really only need about 10 milligrams of Vitamin C… Guess what. Like a pound of steak has milligrams of C at least that and I have like I probably have on a low day two pounds that’s a really low day. Like I have usually around three pounds of me today probably like two to three quarters to three pounds of meat a day.

And so, all these B vitamins iron minerals vitamins that I’m getting not only am I getting more vitamins and minerals and a lot of people were surprised. Yeah, a lot of the time meat is more has more vitamins than vegetables and not only does it have more but it’s more bioavailable because it’s with animal fat that you need to absorb because a lot of these are fat soluble so. So that’s like I cover a lot of my bases with that.

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  2. PEOPLE, THE POINT IS TO LOSE FAT AND GET MUSCLES. You need diet plan and training plan for that! I visited website called Agoge Diet, they provided me with personalized diet plan and training plan. The results are amazing!!!

  3. You can also Carbload 1-2 times per week and keep carbs in your muscles, while being in ketosis.

    Anabolic Diet / Metabolic Diet
    Bodyopus Diet
    Carb Backloading
    CarbNite Solution
    Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
    Golden era Bodybuilding Diet
    Steak&Eggs Diet

    Its all the same thing.. Keto for 4-10 days, carb load for 1-2 days, repeat.

    Me and many others have built tons of muscle this way, including the Golden Era bodybuilders who were the OG Keto crew

  4. Hey man what about the caloric intake on the keto diet ? Does the 3000 plus calories not apply to this diet? Because usually these would be from mostly carbs, I have been keto for 3 weeks now and I think I'm now in ketosis. Do I still need to aim for over 2500 calories?

  5. All I've done is No Sugars, smoking, drinking, no fast food. Currently going to stop eating bread.

    All else is open to invitation to me all in moderation of course.
    Going strong 1st year almost up ๐Ÿ’ช. On 11-15-2020.
    I do not want to get big like this man in my personal opinion its too much work to maintain and you use up too much energy in a fight.
    Slim but not too slim just enough to look good even in older age. Maybe close to a gymnast body kinda shredded would be nice for me. I don't need to lift 500 pounds on a bench.
    I dont need to look scary nun of that. I just want to be slim and chiseled.

  6. What i always know is 1.5g of protein per kg not per lbs .. isnt it too much to have 180gs of protein (which is supposed to be 25% of ur daily intake in keto)? That will end up having at least 4000 calories per day. I'm very confused honestly

  7. Awesome info Danny! I would emphasize that with Keto carnivore protein is seldom an issue however many people do therapeutic Keto and they DO lose muscle. So if a butterchugger hears this they may think that they are OK with 15% protein in a deep deficit… (for those doing fat loss)

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