How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

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Wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe explains the difference between the regular keto and dirty keto diets. Then, Dr. Oz addresses concerns about some of the unhealthy foods that can be consumed on the dirty keto diet.



  1. "The real keto diet the right way." You had to know that these people would show up. They always do. Now that I've lost 60lbs. and kept it off for for almost five years. Now that my blood work and all my numbers are that of a 30 year old in great shape (I'm 72). These dummies want me to change my process.

    Dr. Berg, KetoConnect, DietDoctor, Dr. Boz, Dr. Baker, Dr. Ekberg and too many to list here, that I've used, watched and followed, will always be my guiding stars. They forged the way for me and others.

    To many of those who are now touting keto were adversaries just a few years ago. I appreciate that they've come around, but don't try to sell me on "the real keto diet done the right way."

  2. Dr. Oz and crew, shame on you for stealing Dr. Berg’s info then using it on your show. Sorry but just watched videos of Dr. Berg and some random doctor who was on your show say verbatim what Dr. Berg had researched for you to be a guest on your show only for you guys to cancel Dr. Berg’s appearance. Bad Doctor. That’s not nice.

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