Honest Whole30 Diet Review | Doctor Mike On Diets | Wednesday Checkup

Honest Whole30 Diet Review | Doctor Mike On Diets | Wednesday Checkup

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Since I’ve covered Keto and intermittent fasting I decided to jump in and cover Whole30. I have many friends and patients who started this diet and have had responses from both ends. Let’s chat Whole30. Please submit your questions and experiences down below!

Processed Food Study Diet Video:

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  1. I tried a bunch of different diets, and then tried Whole 30 and cured my hypothyroid. I also did some other things like lots of probiotics. But I did that for a long time before I did whole 30, and didn't cure my thyroid issue. Not saying it will do that for everybody, but made me a fan. I'm almost at 2 years, now and my lab work shows my thyroid is optimal. I decided to do it again, vegetarian this time. I'm a week in and feeling better than ever.

  2. I understand the skepticism, but my husband and I started doing whole 30 18 months ago at the advice of our family physician to counteract immunity issues. It totally helped. After 4 years of mystery complaints ranging from IBS to lack of healing, mouth sores, swelling, headaches, etc., this was the one thing that consistently helped. We love wine, so we take occasional breaks…and yes, the symptoms come back. Good luck on whole 30! Oh wait, this is old. Did you do it?

  3. I’m excited! I am on day 19 and this is my second time. I didn’t slowly incorporate foods back in. But mostly I just felt like I need a reset after the holidays. I love the way I feel. I’m a definite fan. But I do agree with the things you brought up.

  4. Have you actually done a whole 30? It eliminated all and I mean all of my endometriosis symptoms pain free periods the first time in 43 years . I do agree that 30 days is not long enough and reintroduced needs to be done slower

  5. I hope you are telling your patients, "It's impossible to feel anything you're not thinking about"! People need to stop mindlessly following their feelings, it is very harmful to be led around by something you create in your mind.

  6. I appreciate how you explained that to really eliminate you need to commit to 90 days and how you went into how
    the reintroducing of foods needs to be longer periods of time. I wonder if the reason they kept the time down is
    that they know most people don't want to commit to 3 months of only whole foods and then weeks of reintroducing?

  7. I am starting the Whole 30 next month! I have wanted to do it for years. I feel a little sick about half of the time
    I eat and then I have general lower gut pain almost all the time. I know I will feel better in days and I cant wit to
    restructure my daily diet to be healthier.

  8. I lost 26 lb starting with whole 30 then switching to paleo. I loved the way I felt eating that way. Now that I’m pregnant I have re introduced grains and healthy dairy like fat free Greek yogurt but I would go back to paleo someday

  9. The Whole 30 is gimmecky version of Paleo, with bad instructions for reintroduction. But the basic concept is sound: eliminate common allergens, then reintroduce to test. It's true you can't just throw everything back in and then make sense of things, but if you take it slow and record symptoms, it's legit. It's is a FREE way to test yourself for food sensitivities and is much more scientific than those silly blood tests.

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