HIGH CHOLESTEROL on Keto Diet (My 4-Year High Fat Diet Results!)

HIGH CHOLESTEROL on Keto Diet (My 4-Year High Fat Diet Results!)

Some people see an increase in their LDL cholesterol when they eat a keto diet or carnivore diet but is this cause for concern? High cholesterol on keto is not unusual and might not mean you are at a greater risk of heart disease. Triglyceride to HDL ratio can be more significant. π—–π—Ÿπ—œπ—–π—ž 𝗧𝗒 π—₯π—˜π—”π—— 𝗠𝗒π—₯π—˜ ↓

Find your triglyceride to HDL ratio


0:00 Intro
1:32 What is cholesterol?
2:34 Types of cholesterol
3:14 Cholesterol and heart disease
4:44 Triglyceride to HDL ratio
6:38 Why does LDL increase?
8:07 My cholesterol
9:56 Calculating TRIG:HDL


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How to raise HDL cholesterol
Saturated fat vs unsaturated fat
What breaks a fast?


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  1. Well you certainly don’t look like you’re going to have a heart attack anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I’ve been meaning to tell you that you look very vibrant and healthy! The diet definitely works wonders! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. I just found your channel. Thanks so much for addressing this.
    I have high cholesterol anyway.
    Several years ago when I started low carb; my cholesterol went through the roof! I was told to get off of the low carb and take a pill. I said no thank you and I stuck with it and it leveled itself out. I lost 54lbs in a year. I go tomorrow to have my yearly blood work done. I have been really concerned about my cholesterol; that's what I always fear of being too high. Now I'm excited about seeing my cholesterol results; because you have explained it very well! I am so glad I found your channel!
    May the Lord bless and give you His True Peace this year!

  3. Is hdl 62 & ldl 67 good? My phytoesterols are low which is weird cus I was vegan for 7 years but the last few months I started eating raw milk & cheese & meat, but I have been way more bloated

  4. I’ve been doing carnivore for nine months keto before that I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can because I just got my blood test results back and my doctor is very concerned
    total cholesterol 396 in HDL 99 triglycerides 92 LDL 276
    I am 67 yr old female in pretty good health. My dr wants to put me on meds which I know I don’t want to do. I want to be able to know how to talk to her about this but also if these numbers are giving warnings to be concerned about, I want to know what to do.

  5. I started keto and my HDL is Way higher than the normal range! 2.6 mM/L Triglycerides are 1.3 so my ratio is 0.5. Is that right? Divided triglycerides by HDL? Anyway, dr doesn’t like it! My ratio’s ok but I have belly fat, so is it still possible to be insulin resistant with very high HDL?

  6. How do these numbers translate to what we use in the US? In not understanding these mol and liter stuff. Btw, that minute 7:00 drawing didn't make any sense. What was that trying to convey? It was not associated with your words at the moment.

  7. Hey k ate as always love the videos love your content just so you know yes you're not a doctor but you could probably be a model because you're just gorgeous I know you hear it all the time but I wanted to be the next person to tell you as always thanks for the videos look forward to future content

  8. You provided 6 references. 2 lead by Uffe Ravnskov, a researcher notoriously known for cherry-picking studies, ignoring contradictory data, distorting facts, and of course, for his pseudoscientific book "The Cholesterol Myth," which awarded him quite a lot of money and a good response from the British Journal of Nutrition and his Swedish colleagues, such as professor Olov Wiklund, EAS Academy editor, who highlights his unique propensity for confirmation bias, which goes against evidence-based science. The guy clearly has an agenda.

    The meta-analysis you provided is funded by the American Egg Board and Egg Nutrition Center, also notoriously known for cherry-picking their own funded studies, ignoring contradictory data, and manipulating studies. What about the dozens of other meta-analyses that show contradictory data? Such as this one: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1534437/

    The reason why HDL and triglycerides aren't as important than LDL is because only reduced LDL has been proven to reduce cardiovascular events. Higher HDL doesn't save lifes, lower LDL does. I don't care what people say about statins because the data shows that they save lifes. However, they aren't necessary as having a relatively low-fat, whole-food, plant-based does the job of lowering cholesterol without nasty side-effects. According to the very first proponent of the paleo diet, Loren Cordein, the optimal cholesterol levels is 50-70 mg/dl and even lower for people that were lucky to survive a cardiovascular event.

    By the way, insulin resistance is caused by intramyocellular lipids, a result of excessive dietary fat, predominantely in the form of animal fat (cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fat) and some vegetable oils like coconut and palm oil. Reduce the intake of animal fat and insulin resistance drops like a rocket, even in diabetes T1 patients. It's a no brainer. The problem isn't insulin resistance but what's causing it in the first place. Chronic diseases are a result of lifestyle decisions, including what we eat.

    There's a reason why it's a scientific consensus that high LDL is the main cause of cardiovascular disease. People that have low LDL don't develop atherosclerosis.

    Also, have you heard of reverse causation? Be careful how you interpret studies. You've to read it entirely to understand the data, not just the abstract. Especially when they are financed by questionable industries. I'm not saying that all information you provided is factually wrong but you've to be honest and clear to your audience that you're not a health coach, you're a keto coach. Show me real evidence that keto is healthy in the long-term and I'll change my mind. Hint: you won't find it (much less carnivore studies which are nonexistent).

    Keto is great for weight loss but not fat loss. Obesity is a fat disease, not a weght disease. Ketosis promotes rapid weight loss via water depletion and lean mass consumption while drastically raising LDL. The question is, how sustainable is that? Heart diseases and other forms of cardiovascular diseases take decades to develop just like cancer and other chronic diseases. Are you gonna bet your life on anecdotes and pseudocientific books written by pseudoscientists? I rather invest my decisions on evidence-based science.

    I know your viewers won't be please with this comment and you might not as well, but I hope you don't delete it. I'm not trying to impose my opinion. I don't care about opinions, I care about science. I'm just questioning how evidence-based are your arguments if your goal is to truly educate your followers about health. If your goal is to promote keto/carnivore products then be my guest because we have no common ground.


  9. Currently, I am working on variety in my dinner meals.

    So far, I have πŸ— crispy baked chicken wings, πŸ” grass-fed beef burgers (with low carb buns, almond flour not used), 🍝 turkey meatballs (no pasta, just big meatballs w/ marinara & aged cheese), and chili dogs (Applegate brand hot dogs, low-carb buns – no almond flour used)… and I plan to add πŸ₯© steak next… does this look good to you in terms of variety? (note: I am a picky eater so taste is important to me)

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