Dr Jason Fung Weight Loss Lecture Changed My Life – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Dr Jason Fung Weight Loss Lecture Changed My Life - Healthy Ketogenic Diet

For those of you who prefer reading, Dr Jason Fung has three excellent books that explain his use of fasting and Keto to manage weight loss and diabetes:
The Complete Guide to Fasing: [Amazon]
The Obesity Code: [Amazon]
The Diabetes Code: [Amazon]

@Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist who is educating anyone who will listen about the natural way to solve metabolic syndrome. Dr Fung Obesity Code give readers medical knowledge, in plain language, with great analogies to help the average person understand what they need to do to improve their health. Dr Fung Complete Guide to Fasting is another easy read that will absolutely guide you through the fasting process. You can improve your health using Dr Fung’s boos or by visiting the IDM clinic if you live in Canada.

If you have weight to lose or any type of metabolic issues, you should invest some time and energy into reading Dr Fung’s books. They will help you to understand why your health is failing and how to reverse the effects of poor diet.

No gimmicks, no diet hacks, no false promises. If you understand Dr. Fung’s teachings and apply the information, you will get results. When we feed our body appropriate food, our body heals and our health improves. This results in reduced inflammation, improved energy, metabolic health, and regulated weight.

Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Weight Gain is Sneaky
03:06 Dr. Fung’s Explanation of Weight Gain
06:25 Dr. Fung Explains Role of Fasting
08:39 Dr. Fung Explains How Hormones Affect Hunger
13:16 Why Are Carbs Still Pushed as Healthy
17:03 Dr. Fung Explains that the Body is Built to Survive
18:24 Outro

PS. When I began my journey to solve my hip issue, I did a lot of research to find answers to my hip inflammation. I realize, that there may be people who do not know how to find a mentor for weight loss and especially, finding the right mentor for weight loss. I really hope that these videos help you to see that my goal is to be that right mentor for weight loss. Because I will continually do the research necessary to give you the most up to date information that I have.

Please keep in mind that these videos are for educational purposes. I encourage everyone who wants to take action to find a psychologist to work with. Working with a psychologist is not only more efficient, but also keep in mind that a psychologist is trained to help people solve problems.

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  1. I love Dr. Fung, he has changed my life forever, I’m 145 pounds, I was 156 pounds, tired, so tired exhausted, frustrated, my knees were hurting, my joints, , I stared developing ganglion cysts, hot flashes, I couldn’t sleep, and even worst I couldn’t even moved, but now all the above is gone, I feel great like if I were 20 years old again, thank you Dr. Fung❤️. I’ve done intermittent fasting for 6 weeks

  2. I'm Diabetic and started to get very sick while on my meds. I was desperately seeking an answer and found Dr. Fung on youtube. After following his advice, I got off all my medication within 2 weeks and have reduced my waist size big time. I feel so clear, alert and filled with energy now. I am truly grateful to him.

  3. Wow. It took about 31 hours for my body to go into ketosis with fasting. Also it's moderate which I've never gotten to with eating keto diets. Totally not hungry and I was planning on stopping tomorrow……maybe I will go one more day.😃

  4. I tried multiple diets i would lose weight,but i would gain back more,until i was 49 when i took control of my hormones,at that time i was weighing 325 pounds,i started intermitted fasting and have since lost over 100 lbs,i now weigh 215 lbs three years later at 52 and kept it off with keto and OMAD,i will eat carbs sometimes,but will never go back to the SADD diet

  5. Can I ask a fundamental question? How can mothers wives cook healthy real meals when they are thrown out of the house to go out and earn money?? Poor women don't have the energy to go out all day abs come back and made it have fresh food fir the family.. Thus enters preservative filled food.. How else can the family be fed? Women have it really bad.. Wish they cud be at home as in olden days.. No more processed food you say.. Is impossible with women working outside the house.. What do the others think?

  6. Seems to be a lot of diverging culprits – television ads, less mothers at home cooking hot meals for kids, and more availability of things like breakfast cereals…which are basically just sugar. I remember in the 1980s being told that we needed more carbs, especially if we were in sports. Turns out, only olympic / professional athletes need that many carbs to keep from autophagy-ing their muscle mass!! We also ate margarine (olio), instead of butter. The food companies and their lobbyists should honestly be tried for crimes against humanity. They claimed that the 'traditional' breakfast of eggs and bacon, etc. was making us fat, and that we needed more carbs. This was in 1980. They then added the most addictive substance, in the largest amounts they could legally add, to EVERYTHING – to get us to consume more, spend more, etc. and the obesity epidemic / pandemic exploded! (no pun intended). I wouldn't be surprised if those same companies are also in the weight loss / diet & exercise racket.
    I did the Atkins years ago, and was exercising on a pretty regular basis for most of my 20s and 30s. Was able to keep my weight down, although it was always a struggle. I ballooned up this year, being home, less access to exercise, depression, stress about the news, etc. I have been trying a few different things, but I'm actually getting fatter, not thinner!
    I did some fasting last year, but I think I went overboard with it, as it seemed to really mess up my hormones, and seemed to eat away my muscles.
    I forgot all about Atkins / keto diets. The problem I have is keeping away from the sugars. I am intrigued by the thought of hypnosis, and have even looked into fecal transplants. Kind at that "at wit's end" stage – but I will look into Dr. Fung's books, for sure.

  7. In April 2020 at 225+ lbs I started fasting, eating one meal a day from 5pm to 6pm. Today is Nov 2020 and I weigh 175. My size dropped from XXL to Med shirts. It is possible. This is my story. Yes, I got hungry around 2 or 3pm. My secret is being mentally tough for only a short time, I asked myself can I hold off for just a little longer? Can I make it to 5 pm? YES I CAN! I changed the thoughts of hunger to “It is starting to work. What I am feeling is success” I set off to do this journey for one year. Now I know it shall be doing this for the rest of my life. I am not recommending this to you, this is just my story. Create your own story.

  8. You just gained a new subscriber.. Thanks for this video.. I'm Committed!! Fasting and keto here we go!! Plus exercise.. and decreasing stress in my life.. Lets make 2021 a Great year.. Ready to write off 2020 🙂

  9. I listen to him too…learned more than I ever knew! His clarity of knowledge has helped me immensely. I share in your enthusiasm, Violet, and appreciate you sharing with others too.

  10. I’ve watched this 5 times. Just discovered the channel today. I absolutely needed to hear this. I want to live a quality life and obesity will no longer steal my joy. My body is worth fighting for

  11. Great job God!!! "I am fearfully and wonderfully made".
    I have listened to many help advisors such as chiropractors, doctors, health professionals, there's a lot of great information out there but if we would eat the way God created us to, which is eat when you're hungry stop when you're comfortably full.
    Wala! good health. Now if I would just DO IT!!!😏

  12. Hello. I don't have a terribly easy way to inform you, but much of this information is incorrect, while insulin does play some role in obesity, Dr. Fung has exaggerated the role of insulin and doesn't understand this topic well enough. Low fat/moderate carb/high protein is actually the most optimum method of weight loss, sure it's not going to work for everyone, but I think this kind of delivery where you disparage other methods of weight loss without little to any evidenced based research to back it up is frankly a little dangerous. Because there isn't some one fits all diet, intermittent fasting simply won't work for everyone, and this kind of misinformation sets some people up for failure. Don't get me wrong, there are people who intermittent fasting will work for, but others will plateau on a fasting diet because calories do matter. Weight is only determined by calorie balance, not hormones.

  13. These clips that you show and then the commentary that you give after makes it seem as if you're putting words in his mouth. he didn't mention anything about carbs or keto. In fact I've seen several of his lectures and interviews where he says the particular diet is not as important as the fasting.

  14. I just subscribed! I started the keto “life plan” a few months ago. So far I’ve lost about 35 pounds of excess fat—still have good strong muscles. I had breast cancer, was over fat, took two heavy duty medicines for diabetes, and had bad joint pain! I am no longer on medications. My A1C is normal. I have to say that I do work closely with my doctor too. I will lose the final 30 or so pounds of unhealthy fat, but I have no real time frame. This is how I eat and how I will eat for life. When I modified the way I was eating, I found the food cravings went away pretty quickly. I do intermittent fasting or sometimes only eat once each day. I’m 68 years old and teach kindergarten. I can work circles around most of the teachers that are half my age! And if anyone thinks that the keto plan limits food choices, go on YouTube or do an internet search and find all the options! I’m learning new ways to prepare my food and having a good time learning! Good luck to everyone! It’s.sooooo doable👍

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