DOES THE KETO DIET KILL? Doctor Reviews Low Carb Diets and Mortality

Breaking news this week about the Keto Diet! A new article in the Lancet Journal associates low carb diets and animal products with increased mortality!

I have actually been doing the keto diet for the past 6 weeks, so I was very interested to read about these results. By the end of this video you will understand what this new article is saying and be able to make an educated decision about your diet!

I truly believe this information is very important – so SHARE this video with people you care about!! There’s a chance it could affect their life expectancy.

0:00 What is Keto?
1:14 My experience doing the keto diet for 6 weeks
1:57 Understanding the study
2:17 Association between carb intake and mortality?
3:43 Animal vs. plant fat/protein and mortality?
4:41 Meta-analysis: is this applicable to me?
5:24 Bottom line:
6:10 My personal diet plan

For more information, check out the original article: “Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis” by Siedelmann et al.

Special thank you to Dr. Mark Weatherall for helping with a literature search on low carb diets!

Thank you so much for watching!!
I’m looking forward to seeing your COMMENTS and THOUGHTS about the keto diet!

~ Siobhan (Violin MD) ~

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  1. And this is the quality of doctors in Canada. The amount of research, effort, and actual science that went into this video is less than my writing of this comment.

    Did you think of genetics and how that impacts everyone differently depending on hundreds of thousands of years of geographically diversified human evolution? Nope. Did you think that maybe high-carb products in USA/Canada are fortified versus European countries (Italy – pasta; France – bread) and have less strict standards? Nope. No mention of ketones, no mention of fermented vegetables and T5H, nothing about insulin and blood sugar levels, nothing about different types of meats and meat products and fatty acids, nothing about how the body handles self-generated ketones versus exogenous ketones versus moderate/high net carb consumption.

    Oh, and the kicker to all of this. Ever done an prolonged fast? You've been in ketosis. Pretty sure your body isn't trying to kill faster you while you lack a food source. Increased stem cell production, HGH, trauma healing? AUTOPHAGY?? What is that?! Hmmm…

    Have fun diagnosing symptoms and handing out symptom relief versus eliminating root cause. You'll probably get that wrong, too.

  2. Hola llevo 5 días en esta dieta, sin nada de endulzantes ni harinas de ningún tipo, contando mis macros para no pasarme, descargue una aplicación en play store llamada justamente macros y es gratis. Y hasta el momento he perdido 3kilos 900 gramos.

  3. That was a very poor quality study you reference doctor. To make such assertions and invite your audience to draw conclusions, the studies you reference should only be double blind, placebo controlled and free from any political or ideological bias.

  4. Anyone that really believes that eating animal products 2-3 times a day is better than eating at least 90% of your diet with fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and maybe a few servings per week of animal products containing no more than 4 ounces needs to rethink and open their minds to the truth.

  5. I’m Thai . My grandma is going to turn 90 next year and only have problem with heart disease as her ages. She is such a hardworking person. She likes gardening. Her diet is mostly including plenty of white rice, fish , belly fat pork, veggies and fruits. She eat twice a day at 10 am and 4 pm and doing like this more than ten year as I remember. Now , she is still doing so….

  6. Hello and thank you for the great sharing. I appreciate the quality of your content. We feel the amount of work and passion you put into it.
    I already have an idea about this method and I like it : <@t
    Do you think your method could help me even more ?

  7. In the end she basically states she is moving towards vegetarian. If she did her due diligence and did true research she would have been honest and spoke about all of the flaws in this study. Just more propaganda against Keto.

  8. The data in this study is probably faulty. NPR did a study and found that 1 in 4 Americans did not understand that the Earth revolves around the Sun. That's a whopping 25% of our population that doesn't understand the most basic thing about the planet they live on.

    And this study is asking them how much carbs, protein and fat they eat? ROFLMAO. That's like asking your local church pastor to draw you a picture representing a carbon or oxygen atom. Its not going to happen.

    In programming and data analysis, there's a saying "Garbage in = Garbage out".

  9. After 4 months on a well balanced Keto diet
    1. I have lost 9 kg which is 10% of my body weight and my waist measurement has gone from 44" to 40".
    2. My diabetes has gone into remission after three years with type 2 diabetes.
    3. I have fully recovered from fatty liver which I have had for over 15 years.
    4. I have fully recovered from a form of dermatitis which has been a problem for over 10 years.
    5. My blood pressure has gone from about 150/100 which it has been for about 30 years to about 120/85. My medication has reduced to a quarter of what it was and indications are I will not require any at all in a few months.

    I was very skeptical but gave keto a try to get healthier, reduce my dependence on medication and to get rid a a layer of fat I had been carrying for decades.
    ketodiscussions of Dr Stephen Phinney on YouTube.

  10. I appreciate the video, but your logic and this studies logic has a false assumption.

    It assumes that people want to live the longest they possibly can. Now I'm sure some maybe even most do, but personally I don't. My goal isn't to live the longest I can, my goal is live happy for as long as I can.

    That's why I stick with Keto. It's the only diet that has worked for me. I'm approaching 100lbs down and my 1 year mark.

    So yeah I may lose 4 years off my life, but at least I'll be happy.

  11. This vid is really informative. I have been trying to find for a YouTube vid like yours that really informs everything in this video! 🥼Your breakdown is similar to the channel from this insightful health enthusiast Dr Ethan. Doctor's tips are for sure useful and he actually helped me on my diet. He is an informative Dr in Nottingham.

    I suggest you watch his YouTube out and give the Dr a like! 👉 #FutureDoctorEthan

  12. Wow, so the optimal macros are exactly the ones as in The Standard Western Diet. Cool, we all know it's the healthiest. From randomized controlled trials we know the the medium-carb diet always lags behind all the other options in achieving positive health results. What a magic did these researchers do! But even bigger magicians are the ones who allowed them to graduate :O

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