1. Even on weeks when the scale isn't moving, your measurement will still change on the keto. This is the "whoosh effect". When your fat cells are depleted, your body fills the empty cell spaces with water, as a reservoir. This is a protective measure that the body uses when it needs storage space for more fat. This water retention reflects scale as a kiosk, or even profit. But once the body "knows," it doesn't starve, and doesn't need to store fat, it releases water, and eventually allows the cells to collapse. If that happens, you'll see a pretty good weight loss – that's whoosh.○○○ This can happen repeatedly when doing keto, so don't be discouraged. Actually that's a good thing! download free EBOOK 20 Delicious Keto Recipes , click here : https://tinyurl.com/y55a6top?etaw3 > ♦♦♦

  2. Hey Leanne, Thank you for your videos very informative. I was on keto for more than a year, didn't get my periods for the whole time but continued keto and started preparing for a marathon too, after the 13th mile my body started giving up. I now have all kinds of hormonal imbalances, acne on my skin and gained weight more than ever. I was never overweight always in shape but now I am just continuing to gain weight and it doesn't seem to reduce even when I try. I started eating carbs a few months back but my gut is very bad. I feel disappointed, did you have to face such a situation?

  3. Hi Leanne:)  I've been eating a ketogenic diet for nine months, and my period has disappeared. I am just starting to reincorporate some more carbs into my diet through some berries and other veggies- should that help?? I'm trying to research and get information. Turns out strict keto just may not work for me during this season of life. I'm a little discouraged because I had lost ten pounds and felt great, and then it all came back. But I'm trying to focus on healing my body first, then the rest will take care of itself; I had no idea losing my period/the irregularity I've had for years was such a strong indicator of problems in my body. Do you have any insight or suggestions as I make this journey? Thank you so much!

  4. This is very usefull, thank you. A great explainations on how to keto for woman. Now. I'm a bit confused since another keto/hormone specialist Alisa Vitti adiviced something opposite: first cycle half low callorie paleo style + hiit workout, followed by second cycle half hardcore keto with yoga (this is my loose interpretation of her statements, not a quote) And here… Leanne says : 1)more protein, 2)hardcore keto 3)add few carbs 4)paleo. Can you give suggestion on how to pair workout intensity to this diet cycle? Thank you so much

  5. Thank you do much for making this video it has been very enlightening for my girls and myself very helpful as I am starting my keto with my young teenage girls .can you make videos on what would be best for teenage girls and well

  6. Thank you for this! I watched another video on Keto for woman (by a man) and was left thoroughly confused, overwhelmed and a bit discouraged. This broke things down so much. Question: Other than menstruation, how do you know exactly what phase your in regarding days?

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