DAIRY FREE / LOW DAIRY KETO (HOW TO) & My 30 Day Weight Loss Results | Ashley Salvatori

DAIRY FREE / LOW DAIRY KETO (HOW TO) & My 30 Day Weight Loss Results | Ashley Salvatori


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In this video I explain how I shifted my Keto lifestyle to LOW DAIRY, and my results my first 30 days! If you are in a plateau or just feel like you could be getting better results with keto, perhaps dairy is your issue! I always recommend someone try to reduce their dairy if they hit a stall as this is typically the reason.

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  1. Casein, whey and lactose, the 3 components of dairy all cause issues in some people. Casein is the anaphylactic allergy, lactose is the digestive allergy and whey is bad for asthma and skin allergies like eczema, acne, psoriasis etc. Dairy causes inflammation in all areas of the body. Also the cheese you eat in America is not real cheese it’s “modified milk ingredients”!!!! Also make your own non dairy paleo ranch!! So yum 😋

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I have been doing keto for a year full and keto with carb cycling on weekends for about 6 months but I desperately want to do my keto without dairy, but like you said, it's like we are all addicted to dairy!! Oh cheese and cottage cheese and joghurt… I want to avoid the hormones, I feel like it messes up my skin. I also have a sensitivity in my gut to it, but I find the thought of leaving it entirely so daunting. I am so encouraged now! Please share recipes or share how you change foods that regularly requires diary, to dishes without the dairy. Thanks you much once again, I really enjoyed the video.

  3. Trying to heal my hashimoto's. I'm already gluten free, sugar free, keto. Wanting to get rid of migraines and inflammation. Making ghee today from homemade butter from our Jersey cows. Also getting rid of all soy!!

  4. Dairy has growth hormones in it because its original purpose is to grow baby cows. I find I feel sick to my stomach eating dairy and noticed inflammation so I had to cut it out and there is a huge difference in weight loss. Coconut cream, milk, butter and oil really help the transition.

  5. Love love you and your videos! Thank you so much for your ideas and knowledge, I started keto a year ago after I had my son, and trying to really cut back on my dairy consumption, primarily cutting out cheese. Have you ever tried vegan cheese or lactose free cheese?

  6. I do dairy free keto as well👍🏼 I incorporate coconut oil, coconut milk, for my coffee and it's pretty creamy😁☕️ also chia seed pudding with fruit, almond butter or almond butter powder is an idea🤤

  7. Thanks for the description of your 30 day dairy free keto experience. I've recently made the decision to go dairy free and get back on the keto wagon as well. I find that incorporating nutritional yeast in my meals contributes a cheesy flavor. I like to make a seasoning with nutritional yeast, garlic powder, onion powder or granules, a tad of cayenne, along with various herbs or kelp powder. Experiment and see what combo works for you. I like to use mostly nutritional yeast, with the other ingredients added for enhancement. For me, the garlic powder is the most important addition to make it cheesy tasting.

  8. I started doing low dairy/dairy free yesterday as an experiment. I believe cheese is my keto crutch, and I want to discover easy meals without using dairy. I've found a few that are delicious. It's almost opened up a new world of keto cooking for me. Using avocado as a dessert base instead of cream cheese or heavy cream is eye-opening. 🙂

  9. Red pepper hummus is a great cheese substitute for Mexican food or pizza, just keep an eye on those carbs 👍 I was vegan for five years and some before getting terribly sick as a result, still haven't touched milk product in almost a decade but going carnivore-keto was a wonderful decision

  10. I need to experiment with a lot less dairy. I don’t like meat much so I eat a lot of cheese, cream cheese, lactose free sour cream, grass fed heavy cream, and kerrygold. Maybe I will try tomorrow to not have any cheese and up the avocado to 2. Lord help me.
    Thanks for the push. I need to step up my game. I can do it but I have to increase my fats. I just bought a huge bottle of avocado oil.

  11. I haven’t been having cheese for about a yr now only on cheat days I want to lose about 15 lbs and I’m going with Keto but for me, I can’t have eggs, ranch or cheese so all I know is ground chicken , bacon and avacado. Did you have any nuts? Also, I plan to incorporate carbs after Keto and have sweet potato and apples ..would that just make me gain it all back?

  12. I’m so excited, I’ve been kind of forced into being dairy free because I’m breastfeeding a baby that’s just been diagnosed with a cows milk allergy. I know left to my own devices I would give up and eat cheese, I love cheese, but I know my baby’s health is my priority so it will keep me on track. Losing the baby weight will be a total bonus!!!!

  13. I'm beginning to get more allergic to Dairy. So having to cut it out. And I'm working on doing low carb. It's bad on allergies. There is no dairy butter. I use Smart Balance or Sunflower butter. 🙂 There is others. I think Country crock has a plant based butter too. I always say that Dairy and Cheese are a drug. lol. I have bad sinusitis and I think that was part of my problem. I've been without for a week so far. 🙂

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