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Can you follow a ketogenic, low carb / high fat diet while breastfeeding? In this video I explain why a reduction of milk doesnt mean your milk is dropping, but perhaps with keto your milk now has higher fat content which will be more satisfying for your baby with less. If you do want to follow a modified keto diet, doing 50 net carbs a day is a good standard. or you and do a “carb up” at night by adding in half a banana or a sweet potato. – don’t mind the empty background, I am in the process of moving!! XO

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  1. I took the plunge at 31 weeks pregnant to switch to keto. I feel AMAZING!! I’ve actually stopped gained a ton of extra weight and I’m now 34 weeks and my midwife says baby feels 5.5 pounds which is a GREAT size for that gestation. I’m eager to see how it will work through postpartum as well.

  2. Hi I have a 2&1/2 and 3&1/2 years old babies I’m still breastfeeding a bit. One daily and the other when I feel I have extra milk, every few days. I tried keto about two months ago and stopped after a week because my milk was depleted. After a month or more passed I tried keto again for a week and stopped because my milk depleted again. I was eating cruciferous veggies, eggs, meat, and some avocados, nuts, cheese, olives. Also I drink about 3/4 – 1 gallon of water a day. After watching your video I’m thinking maybe I need to eat even more food or possibly eat that half a banana or some sweet potato at dinner or night. It’s hard for me to eat carbs cause then I crave them because I have Candida and I’m interested in keto to heal my Candida. However I’m thinking maybe I should just wait to heal Candida til I’m done breastfeeding. Then I heard that emptying your fat will release it’s stored toxins and this is bad for both breastfeeding and pregnant mothers and since I have about 40 pounds of fat I’m thinking maybe it’s safe to do keto if you already do it before pregnancy but not during. I’m not sure and any suggestions are appreciated. I like your video very much. Oh yes I also heard some women can experience keto acidosis if doing keto while breastfeeding and I wonder if this is happening since that could be fatal. I’m thinking keto while breastfeeding is not for me, so I would have to wean to focus on healing Candida or wait to heal Candida til I’m done breastfeeding. I appreciate your advice or tips from other viewers. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the info Ashley! Just found this very informative. I am breastfeeding my twin girls plus supplementing with formula and I am done feeling crappy about the way I look. So, when you say net carbs do you mean grams? I will look this up but can you give us an example of what that might look like? Thanks! Hope to learn lots more from you!

  4. I hope you see my comment 🤞🏻 I’m a breastfeeding mama looking for some help, I’ve been doing keto for almost 4 weeks now and no weight loss , nor losing inches. I started with net carb in take of 40g and right now I’ve been doing 30g net carbs and still no change in weight. I am still and ketosis (no cheating) & drink a gallon of water a day.. what could be the reason why I’m not dropping weight???

  5. Hey! I’m about 4 weeks pp and getting ready to get back on keto @ 70 net carbs this coming Sunday. I’m eating the lactation cookies that are high in carbs to help with my milk supply. Any comment on that… should I ditch them or not. I’m all for my health & my baby girl. Thank you

  6. I lost so much hair on if while bfing around 18 month of my baby. Baby thrived. She had achieved milestones of 2 year old at 18 months. I lost tremendous amount of weight .skin got glowy my energy was high like everything went great with keto and if only my hair suffered like anything. I wonder why it happened and will I ever get the thickness back. Does anyone have any clue😒

  7. I just gave birth to our 7th child on June 5th. Even though my doctor said that there was no harm with breastfeeding + the keto diet. I'm happy to hear the milk doesn't leave!!! I was keto & intermittent fasting before the pregnancy. Thank you for this info!!!

  8. Hello I am breastfeeding and would like to try the KETO diet. After all the research i became afraid to start it 🙁 i read if you lose more than 1-2 pounds a week that your body releases toxics and may go into your breast milk. I'm trying to stop breastfeeding, but since it's still not happening I need a safe KETO beginner approach. I'm over weight and am sure i will be losing several pounds a week with the nutrition change as at the moment my nutrition is horrible 🙊 (secially sweets, bread, tortillas, sodas, etc). Any tips , suggestions, meal prep plan ideas would greatly be appreciated! Thank you all for your time 🤗

  9. Thanks for this info! Definitely subscribing! I’m nursing my 13 month old daughter still about 3 times a day. Neither of us are ready to stop, but I’m going on a cruise at the end of the year and I really want to lose weight. I’ve had success on the keto diet before having babies, so I want to start it again.

  10. Hi I wanted to ask I'm breastfeeding my daughter but she also has one rusk in the morning them she has a fruit pouch in the afternoon and some formula milk before bedtime, I want go Keto fully do u think it's a good idea? my milk production is normal but ice started over eating especially taking too much sugar plz plz let me know if I should go ahead. Thank you

  11. All of my doctors I've seeked for advice have told me not to do the keto either while pregnant or while breastfeeding without even looking at my full health chart and it's annoying I'm at a point where i think they are all behind in these studies and if i feel good I'm gonna keep at it.

  12. I’m on day 3 of Keto. I’ve already lost 3lbs which I’m so excited about because I was stuck at the same weight for several weeks. I know it’s water weight but still lol! My only fear is that I’m breastfeeding and I worry about releasing ammonia in my milk because I can taste it in my mouth.

  13. Just found out about your channel. I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month baby. Do you have a video with meals while breastfeeding? I am bad about counting and finding out the carbs and all the stuff. I have been doing the keto for a month, and I have been losing weight. But, I want it to be something as much comfortable for the baby as it is for me. Thanks!!!!

  14. Please help. I'm breastfeeding and I started intermittent fasting 2months ago, instead i stopped making milk and started putting on weight 😭 i am so confused right now and fat. I started eating again because i thought my body was freaking out and wouldn't loose weight and went into survival mode. I need help ANYBODY…… PLEASE

  15. I am currently nursing an 11 month old (he eats some food now as well) and I started the carnivore diet this month and so I am on day 13 now. It has been going pretty well…I feel better and have lost a few pounds and look and feel like I have less inflammation. It was difficult in the first week as I craved sugar and carbs pretty badly. But I don't so much anymore. My husband and I started this as a 1 month trial to see what it did for us. He has lost 6 pounds already and we aren't even doing exercise yet. We plan to though. I am so glad to have found your video because I was getting concerned about my milk supply starting about day 12. My breasts feel lighter and more empty, but he still nurses and I can hear him swallow. He has been having wet and dirty diapers as well. I just knew something had changed and I wanted to look things up to see what I could find. Thank you for your information!!!

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