Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss (Explained in Hindi) | GunjanShouts

This video will answer all your questions related to weight loss diet plans.

All diet plans are explained in detail so that you know that which is the most sustainable Diet plan and will help you to lose weight in your weight loss journey.
I have picked most common weight loss diet plans like Intermittent Fasting, Low carb diet, Keto Diet, No Carb Diet, Plant Based Diet and Vegan Diet.

You must watch this entire video, if you want to gain knowledge about all these diet plans, how they work and how can they help you to lose weight and can be easily included in your lifestyle.

This way you will be able to pick the most suitable diet plan for yourself and lose weight easily and in less time.

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  11. Hi!!!maam
    I''m 19 yrs old and almost 2 yrs ago i was having a good ,little much chubby face without double chin…
    Suddenly, i started eating alot cox of which my face turned fat , i got double chin ….infact my face shape turned from oval to circle (looked very odd)
    When i realized the change in my face i started skipping my food and started chewing gums 5 times a day in order to get rid of double chin and to retain my facial shape but the result was too different neither i got rid of double chin nor my facial shape turned back to my original shape (oval shape) …in urge for reducing extra fat from my face i lost my natural volume of cheecks ( present in under eye region)as well ..i mean my under eye region has become flattened now which makes my face looked broadened…
    Now from 3 months ,i hv started doing workout at home and started avoiding skipping of food but i m not still able to overcome my facial pblm…
    Presently i hv a face with facial shaped turned from oval to circle+flat and broadened face with no volume ,no cheecks(i guess cox of extra chewing) and a large amt of double chin …
    Now i request u to recommend me some diet and exercise that vl help to reduce my double chin + vl return my original facial shape (oval)+vl remove flatness of cheecks region ( i mean i want 'little bit 'of volume or i can say cheeks which i used to hv before 2 yr).
    Plx consider my age as well ….
    Thnks ,hope u vl help me to get out of this pblm just like an elder sister….

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