Beating Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

In July 2013 Alison Gannett was found to have a deadly baseball-sized malignant cancerous brain tumor in her frontal lobe. After an initial partial surgery, Alison has forgone traditional approaches and instead has used a ketogenic diet, DNA testing, and a new lifestyle to starve the remaining cancer cells and provide health to the rest of her body.

Her new goal is to help others customize their diets and lifestyles to either prevent cancer or conquer cancer, and also to start ketogenic cooking camps at their farm.

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“For the last several years I’ve been doing a therapeutic ketogenic diet which is very high levels of fat, two and a half cups of fat a day, nine cups of low glycemic vegetables and I’ve been using that to treat my terminal malignant brain cancer because cancer can only ferment glucose so I deprive it of glucose and give it plenty of fatty acids and it can’t grow or spread or do anything. My name is Allison Gannett and we’re here at Holy Terror farm which is where I live and work. I have many different hats for occupations. I’m a cancer survivor a ketogenic diet coach. I’m a world champion extreme skier and a climate change consultant.

In 2013, I started behaving very strangely and one day I almost burned the house down making bacon and at that moment my husband knew that I wasn’t just acting bizarrely—that something was truly wrong. He brought me to the emergency room and they found a baseball-sized tumor in my brain and the diagnosis was terminal malignant brain cancer. They rushed me into surgery and said please sign this paper—I don’t even remember signing the paper nor do I remember them you know telling me the odds of coming out of a brain surgery that severe were not good. They extracted one baseball-sized tumor out of the front of my brain—you can see the little dent my head right here and the scar is actually hidden up here in my hairline—very nice that they can do that these day—and they did miss another tumor right here by my ear. I call him Junior and he is kind of my barometer anytime I want to eat something sugary or carb-y, I think about junior as a little Pacman and it keeps me from ever cheating. So a friend of a friend suggested that I get in touch with Dr. Nasha winters of Optimal Terrain Consulting immediately. She put me on the ketogenic diet.

The amazing thing about being on this diet that I never expected is not only is it yummy and delicious but it’s had a lot of interesting side effects that I never expected. My Polycystic Ovarian Disease has completely disappeared in two years. My Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was gone in eighteen months. My breast fibroids were gone in five months and those probably would have turned into [they were worried about] cancer with those. You know, I make recipes of all my favorite foods that I used to like like macaroni and cheese and pizza and ice cream and brownies. I figured out how to make all of those without sugar and Lakanto been key for that for me because it’s the first non-glycemic sweetener that actually tastes good. When my doctor put me on the ketogenic diet, my first thought was what do I eat, you know? how do I get all this fat in my diet and what do I do to replace all the things I love like where’s my ice cream? Where’s my brownies? Where’s my pancakes? And at first I just deprived myself of all that food and that wasn’t very fun. And then I started playing with some recipes and trying some different alternative sweeteners.

I grew stevia and yokan and tried flavoring things with those and they were okay but it wasn’t what I remembered. And then my husband was trying all my recipes and he hated everything! He thought all the sweeteners—he was just making horrible faces every time I made ice cream—and then one day I ordered Lakanto on the internet and I made ice cream–vanilla ice cream and I handed it to him and he had this big smile on his face and he was like: “this is the best ice cream I’ve ever had!” I couldn’t believe it! He hadn’t liked anything I’d made in over a year and a half so ever since then we’ve used nothing but. I could have my cake eat it to. Cure my brain cancer and have a brownie and ice cream for lunch every day. I sometimes have ice cream and brownie for breakfast–but I still get my nine cups of veggies in every day.

When I help other people with my coaching, to have them use the ketogenic diet for cancer or for Alzheimer’s or diabetes–it has to be delicious for them in the same way. It’s delicious for me so I helped them recreate their favorite recipes and having a sweetener that is palatable, yummy and non glycemic non GMO is so important to me and to them.”



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  2. My world fell apart the day my wife was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver. The oncologist assured me it wouldn't be an easy ride but they'll be able to control it with effective treatments, chemos and medications. I knew they were only trying to make us better because I made my research and if i was to be honest with myself it's always a 50/50 thing. Fast forward and after 2 chemos she couldn't just take anymore. I prayed and did everything I could care for her because I knew very well if she was in my shoes she'll do the same and lots more. Taking care of the kids with little help from her was the hardest part.
    I started to research online for every cure I could find. Tea, CBD, Hemps and THC oils, creams I used them all. Her condition was stable sometimes but she wasn't improving. I found a Traditional Holistic herbalist in Mexico and he prepared his herbs for us" Apollo essential oil and tea" which he claimed had a special carrier oil (not made from cannabis or hemps), he also changed her diet to a clean protocol which we followed. WHATS THE HARM IN TRYING so I thought to myself, and I used this essential oil along with the tea without any faith in it or whatsoever just so her condition could be stabled. It's been over a year now the scans are clear, no tumors and cancer markers in blood are at normal range. The cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the oncologist, my wife is kicking just fine.
    These herbal meds helped my dear wife into "NED". I know there is no one approach to curing and fighting cancer as every individual and their case is different, cancer is tricky. But In the end I see no harm in trying from all angles to aligning your body to be strongest in assisting and fighting this horrible disease. Here is his contact; [email protected]
    I believe this saved someone and i also hope someone can also share their testimony to the world too.

  3. Hi,how can i get more information,or help,or guidance about this diet,i have been diagnosed with bladder tumors, since 1 year ago,since 3 surgeries 1 treatment and a few months ago dr found again wanted to do surgery and another treatment,i did not do it,i have changed my diet,organic etc but would like more inf on how,which foods more specific to fight this and of course believing God,please i would like some guidance! Thank you!

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  6. Thank you SO much for your wonderful video testimony! I was diagnosed with stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma last year, with tumors on the base of my tongue as well as in my neck lymph modes of nodes.

    I declined radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which was prescribed by prescribed, in favour of allowing my body to heal itself naturally.

    I initially started on a juice and raw food diet, but – amazing as it is – I'm really missing eating!

    As somone who was an indiscriminate comfort eater, the drastic u turn from that to mostly liquid juices is TOUGH indeed!

    Watching your video has piqued a glimmer of hope that, perhaps, I can incorporate some keto – cooking into my diet – along side juicing, raw food, and the various suppliments I take.

    I would be most grateful for the opportunity to connect further, and explore this new and exciting possible option for me.

    Or, indeed, if there are any others who read this comment and can possibly help, please reach out to me.

    Thank you kindly. 😊🙏💯

  7. Except some sorts of cancer can feed of ketones just as well or even better than of glocose and are shown to get even more aggressive… There is no single solution for everything, unfortunately.

  8. Fasting and ketogenic diet is the way to go, please start this lifestyle before you get cancer. Thanks for sharing your story, if it changes one life it is worth it. Sugary and carby will kill us all if you choose to eat the modern American diet.

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