An Italian Tries the Keto Diet

An Italian Tries the Keto Diet

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An Italian Tries the Keto Diet | Low Carb Experiment

My Italian wife, Eva, and I eat a lot of carbs. All of the carbs. Since beach season is here and we want to get into the best shape of our lives, we decided to try the low-carb keto diet! No more pasta, no more pizza…

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  1. This is not keto. Where are the nuts, vegetables, the oils, lean meats and fish? Also Keto isn't effective if you make the worse keto dishes, then you end up not wanting to eat it which would be fine If you are on an intermittent fasting schedule which happens to be what Eva does anyway because she never has breakfast!

  2. My Brother is all about lots of Protein, and not a lot of Carbs, and I tell him he's consuming too much meats. I try to balance it out with the likes of meaty pasta made with cooked onions, carrots and Celery. He's likes lots of seasonings in all of his food……imagine the Clashing of competing flavors.

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